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About us

About Us


About Us:

MoviesR.net was started back in 2011 with intentions of providing users the best way to get information about Movies and TV shows and after doing well for the first few years, It went through lot of obstacles which includes data loss and copyright issues. MoviesR was temporarily closed in 2016 with a hope of coming back.

After the restart in 2020, Just before the Pandemic, MoviesR Network is now serving over 1000 users each day with fresh stories from Hollywood, Television (English & Spanish), Bollywood(only top stories), Gaming (PC & Mobile), Technology (only related with films, tv & gaming).
We are not a breaking news website, we are providing the full & confirmed info on any news story, in other words we are redifining the news and making it fully baked so that users can get all the info on a single page.

We intend to provide accurate news collected from various sources which includes social media sites like twitter, facebook and instagram. We are also following the top & trusted news entertainment channels like THR, ET & many other for the latest news stories and source is quoted wherever required.
Any story, article and movie theory published here belongs to the editors of Moviesr Network. Movie/TV Reviews are reviewed by moviesr.net editors and you can find the Name of the reviewer on that very same page.

Videos available here are mostly from youtube and are emebed with their original link. Images are collected from various free sources available on internet.
If you find something unusual on moviesr.net that you think should not be here or it belongs to you and it is here without your permission, Please free to email us at [email protected] along with your observations.

Note from the Founder:

The Main idea behind creating this website was to not just report the news but was also to provide a platform to other movie/tv geeks to write their theories and publish their deep dives on a news story.
We provide the best available infomation in a very simple way for free and thats why I developed this website with the minimum possible ads and a simple template which let the users read in any device easily.
I hope when you come and visit our site, you do like it or provide your feedback if you didn't so that we can improve it for better use. Also do follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram, I personally handle the social media accounts.

By: Roshan Kumar
follow me on twitter @ Dr_Ency or email me @ [email protected]

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