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10 Films That Will Inspire Students

Students will be more successful with their studies if they are inspired, Here are some movies that can be inspiring for students

Donald Mena - Thu, 28 Jul 2022 10:34:07 +0100 3804 Views
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Here are some awesome movies that will be exceptionally interesting for students. Students will be more successful with their studies if they are inspired, they can also buy assignment online to support their studies. It’s way easier to study when you’re inspired, so let’s get to the movies:

10. Legally Blonde

USA, 2001.
Melodrama, comedy.
Duration: 96 minutes.
IMDb: 6.3

Elle Woods is a natural blonde and the president of her sorority. She is dating a handsome Warner and wants to marry him. However, the dream is not destined to come true: Warner gets engaged to another and leaves to go to Harvard. Elle decides to win her lover: she finds herself at the same university and, despite the complete discrepancy with the format of the institution, becomes a successful student.

"Legally Blonde" is an uncomplicated, light, and funny movie. Reese Witherspoon shines in the main role here. There is certainly no "second bottom" and deep meaning in the tape, but it leaves exceptionally positive impressions.

The film was the debut of a big movie for director Robert Luketic. After the Blonde, he shot the famous melodramas "If the mother-in-law is a monster", and "Naked Truth", as well as others.

9. Accepted

USA, 2006.
Duration: 93 minutes.
IMDb: 6.4

Unfortunately, Bartleby Gaines received a refusal from all the colleges to which he sent documents. Having decided to creatively get out of the situation, the guy, with the help of friends, creates his fictitious university. The life of the main hero would be much easier if he could get a custom essay writing service online. On the website of this "organization", the guys indicate that they accept everyone. As a result, many of the same unsuccessful applicants come to them. And Bartleby decides to use his tuition money to give trusted students a real education.

This is a fun youth comedy that will lift the viewer's mood. It is noteworthy that, contrary to the canons of the genre, this film does not consist entirely of vulgar jokes. And it also suggests an interesting idea: does education need to take place in this life?

8. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

Germany, USA, 2001.
Melodrama, comedy.
Duration: 92 minutes.
IMDb: 6.4

Van Wilder is an inveterate second—year student who has been studying for the bachelor's degree program for the seventh year. He became famous as the main sloth and party-goer of the campus. But suddenly the clouds thicken: Van's father decides to stop paying for his son's education. Now the guy will have to take responsibility for his life and start growing up.

It is a light and cheerful film that will make the viewer laugh if he does not disdain stupid student jokes. The main role was played by Ryan Reynolds, who even then, at the stage of the formation of his career, was able to demonstrate his comic potential.

It is noteworthy that the tape is based on reports by Rolling Stone magazine about the parties of student Albert Kreisher, a future stand-up comedian.

7. Mona Lisa Smile

USA, 2003.
Duration: 117 minutes.
IMDb: 6.5

The film takes place in the 1950s. Catherine Watson, Ph.D., gets a job as an art history teacher at Wellesley College. Immersed in her work, the heroine realizes that her students are arrogant and very erudite, but they do not know how to think independently at all.

Communication is also complicated by the foundations prevailing in Wellesley: parents and the administration of the institution educate girls only as future wives of successful husbands. Catherine decides to go against the system and instill other ideals in her wards.

Thanks to the costumes and scenery, the film perfectly immerses the viewer in the retro atmosphere. And the cast is worth a separate comment. The main role was played by the inimitable Julia Roberts, and her students were played by Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ginnifer Goodwin, and other actresses.

6. The Rules of Attraction

Germany, USA, 2002.
Drama, romance, comedy.
Duration: 110 minutes.
IMDb: 6.7

Sean Bateman, a womanizer and drug dealer, falls in love with the virgin Lauren. She likes him, but she still has feelings for Victor, her ex. And Paul Denton, who used to date her, has feelings for Sean. This knot has to be cut — and someone has to be left with nothing.

The film is a vivid example of dramedy, that is, drama with elements of comedy. The basis of the tape is not toilet humor, but the deep personal problems of the characters, each of whom is going through a difficult life period.

The film is based on the work of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. It is noteworthy that the character of the book (and the movie) Sean is the younger brother of another hero of the writer — Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho".

5. Starter for 10

Great Britain, USA, 2006.
Melodrama, comedy.
Duration: 92 minutes.
IMDb: 6.7

In 1985, Brian Jackson entered the University of Bristol on a scholarship. Here he gets into the university team of the TV quiz show "University Challenge". Brian immediately falls in love with another participant — the charming but windy Alice. However, there is another girl in the guy's life — the serious and witty Rebecca. Brian will have to deal with his feelings and move on to a new stage of his life.

The performer of the main role, James McAvoy, is very organic in the role of a smart guy who has escaped to freedom and knows all the delights of adult life. And the film itself conquers not only with an unpretentious plot and light humor but also with soundtracks that perfectly immerse you in the era of the 1980s. Behind the scenes, there are hits from The Cure, The Smiths, Wham!, and other first-class teams.

4. Balamut

USSR, 1979.
Drama, comedy.
Duration: 85 minutes.
IMDb: 6.8

Petya comes to Moscow to go to university. Many successful coincidences contribute to the fact that Petya gets into the most prestigious group of the university. That's just the guy from the village is very different from his fellow students in his manners. However, most of all, Petya is singled out for his integrity, for which he gets the nickname Balamut.

A very strong team worked on the film: Vladimir Rogovoy, known for the film "Officers", became the director, and Sergey Bodrov Sr. acted as the screenwriter. And in the role of Petit-Balamut, the then-aspiring actor Vadim Andreev starred. The magazine "Soviet Screen" conducted a survey, during which it turned out that the public recognized him as one of the best actors of 1979.

3. Everybody Wants Some!!

USA, 2016.
Duration: 117 minutes.
IMDb: 6.9

1980, Texas. Jake Bradford is going to college. As a pitcher, he settles into a house where other members of the college baseball team live. On the way to adulthood, the guy will have to face hazing, be baptized by partying and drinking, and meet his love.

The film is imbued with the spirit of freedom, and the carelessness and thirst for life of young characters cause nostalgia for students. The viewer has easily immersed in the atmosphere of the 1980s thanks to excellent costumes, scenery, and a cool soundtrack. And this enhances the impression of the film.

The picture was shot by Oscar nominee Richard Linklater, known for his works "Boyhood", "Before Dawn", "School of Rock" and not only.

2. Pitch Perfect

USA, 2012.
Melodrama, comedy, music.
Duration: 112 minutes.
IMDb: 7.1

Beca goes to university and studies through I don't want to: the girl dreams of dropping out and becoming a DJ. Under pressure from her father, she signs up for a cappella group. She joins in the activity and helps her team to win competitions and recapture the palm from the main rivals — a group of guys from the same university. But here's the bad luck: Jesse is served to the team of competitors, to whom Becky's feelings flared up.

The youth comedy-musical will appeal to those who love stories about self-belief, are fans of the TV series "Chorus" and periodically sing along to the heroes from the screen. And young promising Hollywood actors appeared in this film: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and others.
"The Perfect Voice" became so popular that it got its own story: two whole sequel films were shot, and both paid off powerfully at the box office.

1. 3 idiots

India, 2009.
Comedy, romance.
Duration: 170 minutes.
IMDb: 8.4

Friends Farhan and Raju find out that their Ranch buddy, who disappeared a few years ago, has finally been found. They go on a journey to see him again. On the way, friends remember the tricks they did together. Men do not yet know that an unexpected discovery awaits them at the end of the journey.

The heartfelt and inspiring film has become very popular. He has been nominated more than 30 times for six Indian Film Awards. The foreign audience also fell in love with this comedy: two more remakes were shot in other countries, and in the rating of the IMDb website the picture occupies the top 250 as rated by IMDb Users 80th line.



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