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‘A Night at the Kindergarten’ Netflix Movie Review - Parenthood and Its Inevitable Dark Side

The movie follows a young man, who crashes a school play rehearsal to prevent a group of teachers and eccentric parents from expelling his girlfriend’s son

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 28 Dec 2022 18:39:41 +0000 3358 Views
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A Night at the Kindergarten (Noe W Przedszkolu) is a polish movie released on Netflix in December 2022. The film runs for about one hour and thirty-seven minutes and has a comedy genre. The movie has a great storyline with good concepts and is enjoyable to watch.

A Night at the Kindergarten is a movie that delivers to us the different types of struggles that parents go through. Eryk played by Piotr Borowski is a young man who does not have many responsibilities and also dislikes children. Contrary to his nature, he has a girlfriend who has a son called Tytus. He and Tytus do not get along with each other due to his lack of skills in handling children and also Tytus’s unruly nature. Eryk has to prove to his girlfriend that he is responsible and agrees to attend a meeting at Tytus’s kindergarten to take up the potential role of being his stepdad. Even though initially Eryk will be welcomed by a group of warm parents, they all have dark or strange sides to them. And the twists in the movie are a good enough reason for everyone to enjoy this film.

The movie has shown what it is to be a parent and how difficult it is to be a parent. Since every parent has a different journey, the variety of parents Eryk meets at the kindergarten sort of delivers this message. Bringing up a child is a tough and delicate job and more than that it is important for the parent to understand their child and more importantly themselves. Even though initially we are introduced to the parents as perfect parents who have got everything together, slowly as the movie proceeds the dark sides of the kindergarten and the parents are revealed and they start realizing certain faces which they were ignoring till then.

The storyline of the film is very different. It gives us a different vibe initially and then gives us an interesting twist with the characters and story. The film has tried to deliver different concepts, and the fact that the whole story happens in one night is interesting.

All the parents gather together in the kindergarten to rehearse for a Christmas play they have to perform for the kids. This is when everything starts unfolding. Eryk, new to this setting is overwhelmed as well tries his best to bring in the best for his stepson. His character development is really interesting as he finds himself rooting for Tytus.

Even though there are a lot of things happening in the movie, nothing overlaps with each other. Every character has a backstory, and everything is put together beautifully. The movie has tried to portray most of the characters raw and has tried to show how parents can be complicated and have difficult parenthood. This movie can be relatable to viewers who are parents themselves.

The movie overall is equally hilarious as well as puts across the facts as it intended to do. The movie has been able to handle both the serious setting as well as bring in comedy elements at the right spots. The film shows that even parents might need guidance, and it might not be an easy job as generally portrayed. The film overall gives us good concepts to think about and also an entertaining story to enjoy.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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