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‘Against the Ropes’ (2023) Netflix Series Review - An Endearing Story With Abundant Action-Filled Scenes!

The series follows Ángela, who tries to regain the respect of her daughter, who loves lucha libre wrestling, by entering the ring as a mysterious persona after releasing from prison

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 25 Jan 2023 16:17:45 +0000 3868 Views
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Against the Ropes is a Mexican drama series that has been released on Netflix recently. The series has an exciting and interesting story that can keep the audience hooked to the screen. The drama series is created by Carolina Rivera. It has a total of 10 episodes and the episodes have a run time of 36 – 54 minutes each.

Against the Ropes tells a story of a mother who wants to get into the good books of her daughter. Ángela finishes her time in prison and gets released for a crime she did not even commit. She lost not only six years of her life but also her daughter’s love. Her daughter, Rocio, now idolizes her father’s girlfriend, Candy Caramelo who is a famous Luchador. Ángela initially tries to do normal jobs to make a peaceful living but soon realizes that it is impossible to win her daughter back whose love for Candy increases with each day. Unable to win her daughter’s love or attention back, she turns to the last resort, which is to train and begin a career in Lucha Libre. The rest of the story carries on and shows us whether she will be able to succeed in this new career and also win back her daughter.

Ángela’s character is played by Caraly Sanchez. Ángela’s character is someone whom the audience will love from the beginning till the end. Caraly has portrayed Ángela with so much ease. Ángela has different shades in her character as the story progresses, and Caraly has been able to convincingly capture each shade of Ángela’s character. She has depicted her character fiercely and has promisingly given a phenomenal performance in the drama. Her situation, her emotions, and also her will to do anything for Rocio are something that will make us feel for her character. Besides her Scarlet Gruber plays the role of Candy Caramelo and we also have many others in supporting roles.

Ángela’s main and only concern and motive is her daughter. Rocio on the hand is unable to fully express herself to her mother. Even though there is a gap in their relationship, we might never find anything against Rocio. Her character is formed in such a way that the hidden love for her mother is somewhat visible through her actions and expressions. Rocio’s love for the Lucha Libre style of wrestling is huge. Since the entire drama series is about Ángela and Rocio, the drama does carry a lot of wrestling training scenes and plenty of scenes inside the ring.

The show has a multi-genre. It has an interesting mix of genres like drama, comedy, and action. The viewers will also be able to experience themes like redemption, determination to survive the odds in life, and also inspiration throughout the drama. Ángela’s character steals the show as she is the character that makes us experience the above-mentioned themes. Comedy, drama, and action genres have been equally split throughout the series. Nothing overpowers the other and makes the drama series entertaining throughout. As we progress with the drama, we will be able to feel what the drama is prepping us for. The final match in the last episode might be one of the most interesting parts of this entire series.

The series includes Rey Mysterio Jr and the legendary Luchador KeMonito in guest appearances, therefore the audiences can look forward to their presence in the drama. 

Overall, Against the Ropes tells a bittersweet/heartwarming story of how an innocent mother wins her daughter back. it is quite entertaining from the start till the end therefore the viewers can give this Mexican drama series a try if they want something different since the drama does offer a unique story.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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