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Apple TV+ ‘Drops of God’ Episode 5 Review - Searching for the Missing Link

As the second task of the competition begins, emotions run high in this episode, with Tomine's family drama and his search for his missing father adding to the intensity

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 12 May 2023 03:11:00 +0100 3029 Views
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Oh, 'Drops of God,' you sly dog! You sure know how to keep us on the edge of our seats. The last episode was a doozy, with that bombshell revelation that Tomine is Alexander's son. Talk about family drama!

In this latest episode, 'The Link,' things get even juicier as Camille and Tomine take on the second challenge in the race for Alexander Leger's inheritance and wine collection. This time, it's all about a painting that Alexander used to teach his students about the beautiful connection between art and wine. Which wine bottle is linked to the painting? We're finally going to find out (or not).

Already, the episode hits hard as Tomine's family drama takes center stage. His grandfather publicly declares that Tomine will win the competition, but in private, he disowns and insults his own grandson for participating and "insulting" the family name. As if that weren't enough, Tomine receives the gut-wrenching news that his father has gone missing. With emotions running high, he finally confronts his mother about her unfair treatment of his father.

As Camille and her crew race to uncover the wine linked to the elusive painting, they leave no stone unturned. From analyzing the painted fruits to trying every possible wine, even if it means Camille's stomach does a few flips. But despite their best efforts, they come up empty-handed. Meanwhile, Luca approaches Camille with an offer that could change the course of her life. The prestigious Leger Guide, her father's dream, could be hers for the taking. The decision weighs heavy on her mind, leaving her uncertain and uneasy.

Adding to the emotional turmoil, Camille finds herself drunkenly kissing Thomas one night. But ever the gentleman, he pulls away and nothing further happens. Unfortunately, this leads to a heated argument between them the next morning. The tension between them is palpable, and Thomas ultimately decides to leave, leaving behind a guilt-ridden Camille to grapple with the consequences of her actions.

Meanwhile, in a bid to find his missing father, Tomine enlists the help of Yurika, the journalist, in exchange for a public interview. The catch? It's with him, not her. And if the look on his mother's face is anything to go by, Tomine is relishing the opportunity to get under her skin after her borderline-cruel treatment of his father.

But Tomine's search takes a dramatic turn when he seeks out a translator who used to work with Alexander, and who knows all about the passion that once existed between his mother and the wine guru. As Tomine uncovers more about his family's past, the question of his parentage looms large, threatening to tear apart what little is left of his fractured family.

Will Tomine finally uncover the truth, or will the secrets of the past be too much to bear? You’ll have to see this episode for yourself to find out.

This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, especially with Tomine's father watching his interview on TV while working at a small roadside restaurant. The conversations in this series have always left a lasting impact on me, sometimes even more so than the action scenes. This episode was no exception, with intense exchanges between Tomine and his mother, and a flirty dynamic between Camille and Thomas.

The acting in this show is consistently outstanding. Tomohisa Yamashita's portrayal of Tomine is subtly impactful, conveying his awkwardness and emotions with a serious expression. And I can't get enough of the creative visuals during Camille's wine-tasting process, from the pop-up ingredients to her exploration of a scent library.

While this episode may have been less eventful than some of the others, it was still crucial to the overall story, especially due to the impactful last scene. However, there were a couple of scenes that felt stretched out for too long. Ultimately, this leaves us waiting for more, especially to see what’s next for Issei Tomine and Camille Leger in their fight for this wine inheritance.

Final Score- [7.5/10]



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