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Apple TV+ ‘Foundation’ Season 2 Episode 4 Review - The Vault Opens for Hober Mallow

In episode 4, Constant and Poly bring Hober Mallow to Terminus to meet the prophet and find out his purpose

Bradley - Fri, 04 Aug 2023 07:48:40 +0100 2637 Views
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The last episode has one of the most surprising moments of the whole series. Hari Seldon returned to his own physical body and even though we are yet to get any explanation for that occurrence, we are intrigued. However, the fourth episode doesn't resume the story of Gall, Salvor, and Hari, and neither it mentions them.

Episode 4 is about Hober Mallow who has been brought to the Terminus by Poly and Brother Constant and is ready to meet the Prophet. Without any doubt, Hober Mallow has an important role to play in this season, and in the second crisis, it becomes clear when the character's name appeared on the vault. While being on the ship, Hober and Constant seem to be developing a sort of friendship or relationship, which could become a major highlight in the later part of this season.

On Trantor, Queen Sareth is trying to establish a relationship with Brother Dawn, although she has already committed to marrying Brother Day, but things with Cleon are always complicated. Meanwhile as asked by the Empire, Bel and Glawen are out there to investigate the rumors regarding the jumpships and new technologies that have spread throughout the Galaxy. They face a few hurdles and challenges, but they finally learn about the Whisper Ships which can jump without the help of the Spacers. However, Bel refuses to believe it until he sees one himself.

At Terminus, Poly, Brother Constant, and Director Sermak join Hober Mallow in the vault as they look for Hari Seldon. The vault is much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. They finally find Hari Seldon, who welcomes them into his office, although Hari is just a hologram, the food and drink present there seems physical as Hari offered them to his guests.

I don't wanna delve much into the spoilers of what happens inside the Vault, but it was certainly the most exciting part of the series as I always wanted to peek inside the Vault just to see how it looks. Hari assigns all of them a few tasks and tells them this is needed to avoid the upcoming war with the Empire. Poly and Constant were asked to leave for Trantor to negotiate with Cleon to find Peace and avoid War. Hober Mallow was secretly asked to go somewhere else with a new and critical mission.

Though the third episode has some shocking revelations, the fourth episode has some exciting moments. On-screen, Hari Seldon always steals the show and without a doubt, the same happens here. Hober Mallow with his new mission has made things more exciting, while Poly and Constant have an uphill task to confront the Empire. Things are exciting, and I can't wait to tell you what happens in the next episode.

Final Score - [8/10]



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