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Apple TV+ ‘Hijack’ Episode 5 Review - Time is Running Out

The episode follows Sam’s risky plan to rescue the passengers while facing a difficult choice, as the hijackers’ families become targets and a shocking sacrifice is made.

Anjali Sharma - Wed, 19 Jul 2023 02:42:02 +0100 2257 Views
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In the fifth episode of 'Hijack' titled 'Less Than an Hour,' the intricate web of politics and danger tightens around the hijacked plane. As Lewis, one of the injured hijackers, stabilizes, Sam formulates a plan for a daring rescue. He enlists the help of the Hungarian pilot to convey hints in their own language, signaling the plane's status and a plea for help as they approach Hungarian airspace.

Sam discovers a crucial connection between Stuart and Lewis— they are brothers. Leveraging this knowledge, he delivers an emotional performance to convince Stuart to allow a medical emergency landing at a Hungarian airport for the sake of his brother's wellbeing. Simultaneously, the pilot discreetly conveys the same message to the Hungarian base, arranging for measures to prevent the hijacked plane from taking off again once it lands.

Meanwhile, the hijackers' demands are revealed to the Home Secretary of the UK. They claim that two men, Edgar Janssen, and John Bailey-Brown, were unjustly imprisoned, leading to the hijacking. The release of these men becomes the hijackers' demand. Dark events unfold in Dubai, as individuals involved in facilitating the hijackers' access to the plane are systematically eliminated, revealing the extent of the dangerous puppeteer pulling the strings.

The shocking revelation emerges that the hijackers are mere pawns in a much larger and more sinister plot. The puppet master possesses sensitive information about the hijackers' families, including Sam's own, and threatens their lives should anything deviate from the plan. This revelation puts Sam in an impossible situation—rescuing the passengers means endangering his loved ones. Just as Lewis makes a heartbreaking sacrifice by removing his breathing pen to prevent the plane from landing, the episode ends with ominous individuals entering Sam's house, where his son resides.

One of the standout aspects of this episode is the intricate web of politics surrounding the hijacking. The intricate maneuvers double-crosses, and power dynamics create a captivating backdrop to the intense situation. Additionally, the subplot of getting close to victory but being forced to make an impossible choice adds depth and moral complexity to the narrative.

Lewis's sacrifice and the humanization of the hijackers contribute to the emotional depth of the episode. As the hijackers' backstories unfold, their character arcs develop, challenging viewers' initial perceptions. These moments of character development enhance the complexity and humanity of the show's ensemble.

However, the episode could have been more impactful with tighter editing. While the intricate plot and tension-building score create suspense, the length of certain scenes becomes repetitive, diluting the overall impact. The reliance on recycled tension-building musical cues can also become monotonous, dampening the freshness of certain moments.

Additionally, a few characters, such as the Home Secretary, come across as deliberately uninformed or naive given their positions of power. This portrayal can feel contrived and undermine the realism and credibility of the storyline.

Ultimately, 'Less Than an Hour' delves deeper into the intricate political landscape surrounding the hijacking. The episode presents heart-wrenching sacrifices, humanizes the hijackers, and navigates the complexities of impossible choices. While the episode could have benefited from tighter editing and fresher musical cues, the political intrigue and moral dilemmas continue to engage viewers. With its cliffhanger ending and the imminent threat to Sam's loved ones, the episode leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping miniseries.

Final Score- [7.5/10]



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