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Apple TV+ ‘Hijack’ Episode 6 Review - From Imposters to Insurgency

The episode follows the intense hijacking escalation, with passengers uniting to fight back, the prisoners' escape, and a shocking betrayal on board the plane.

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 25 Jul 2023 21:45:51 +0100 3830 Views
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In the penultimate episode of 'Hijack,' titled 'Comply Slowly,' tension escalates as the mystery surrounding the hijacking unfolds. The episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with two armed men searching Sam's house. Fortunately, Sam's quick-witted son manages to stay hidden, avoiding capture.

Meanwhile, aboard the hijacked plane, the two prisoners, Edgar and John, are released as per the hijackers' demands. However, it becomes evident that this is a carefully orchestrated "comply slowly" strategy by the Home Secretary to ensure the plane lands before the prisoners can escape the local authorities. Edgar senses that they are being followed and, despite several warnings, instructs the hijacker, Stuart, to send a picture of a deceased passenger as a grim warning.

In a critical moment on the plane, Stuart is about to kill a passenger to comply with his employer's demands. However, Sam intervenes, convincing Stuart to send a picture of a previous victim instead. This ruse confirms another death to the authorities but spares the life of the passenger at risk. Despite this, the Home Secretary remains adamant about his "comply slowly" approach and does not remove the trackers on the prisoners.

Back on the plane, Sam and the passengers around him realize that their only option is to fight back. Using a clever tagline on a tetra pack, Sam discreetly conveys the message to fight to most of the passengers. Meanwhile, Sam's son, hidden from the armed men, displays his father's intelligence by alerting the emergency services about the dire situation.

As events unfold, someone on the inside leaks information about the hijack to the press, causing further chaos. Edgar becomes increasingly frustrated with the tracking devices and threatens another death, resulting in a heated confrontation between the authorities and the Home Secretary, who prioritizes capturing the prisoners over the safety of the 200 passengers.

In a shocking twist, the authorities believe they have caught the two prisoners, only to discover they are imposters dressed as them. The real prisoners have escaped. The situation worsens when Stuart receives a message about a second death, sparking an intense fight among the passengers.

Amidst the chaos, Sam leads the brave passengers in their attempt to subdue the hijackers. However, the episode ends on a chilling note as an unsuspecting woman among the passengers reveals herself to be an accomplice and shoots the pilot just as he was about to regain control of the plane.

What makes this episode particularly compelling is the development and portrayal of Stuart's character, played by Neil Maskell. His internal struggle, drowning in pressure and grappling with his own morals after his brother's death, adds depth to the narrative. The unity that forms among the passengers as they each grab anything they can to use as a weapon is also captivating.

Throughout the episode, tension builds, setting the stage for an explosive finale. The conflict between the Home Office's callous disregard for the passengers' safety and their obsession with capturing the prisoners is excellently executed, leaving the audience despising the Home Secretary.

While the episode is packed with thrilling events, some viewers may find that the pacing could have been snappier and crisper. Nevertheless, the overall excitement and anticipation of the series' conclusion make 'Comply Slowly' a riveting installment in the 'Hijack' series.

As we approach the final episode, it remains to be seen how the surviving passengers will overcome the hijackers and if they can regain control of the plane before it's too late. The stakes are higher than ever, and the fate of everyone on board hangs in the balance. With brilliant character development and a gripping narrative, 'Hijack' promises an unforgettable climax.

Final Score- [8.5/10]



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