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Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 10 Review - An Emotional Climax and a Cryptic Connection

The second season finale follows the converging storylines and a daring mission to infiltrate the alien mothership, while Casper's connection to the invaders becomes a central focus.

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 24 Oct 2023 20:57:16 +0100 1254 Views
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Invasion Season 2 reaches its climactic zenith in Episode 10, aptly titled 'Old Friends, New Frontiers.' This gripping season finale brings multiple storylines to a head, hinting at a potentially thrilling third season, but it also faces some turbulence along the way. Let's delve into the episode, exploring what worked and what left us yearning for more.

As the episode commences, we find ourselves at the Idabel base, where the General, in a tense video call with the President and Casper, hatches a daring plan to penetrate the alien mothership using the enigmatic portals. This momentous scheme hinges on Mitsuki's ability to control and maintain a portal's stability. The mission is twofold: Mitsuki will keep the portal open, allowing a group of soldiers to venture into the unknown, while Casper will guide them through the labyrinthine hivemind.

The intensity and the anticipation rise as Luke and the soldiers collaborate to pinpoint the elusive portal, relying on Luke's newfound ability to manipulate and eliminate the alien threats. The stakes couldn't be higher, and as they eventually locate the portal, the stage is set for action.

However, this is where the narrative takes a poignant turn. Mitsuki, displaying incredible courage and selflessness, must make a heart-wrenching decision to relinquish her memories and connection to the real world, allowing her to better control the portal. The scene is exquisitely crafted, with Mitsuki's tearful Japanese dialogue adding a profound layer of authenticity and emotion. The sacrifice she makes, putting her own sanity at risk, speaks to the human capacity for sacrifice when faced with insurmountable odds.

The second half of the episode showcases Trevante's audacious entry into the mothership through the stabilized portal, leading to an intriguing twist. Casper's connection to the aliens hinted at in previous episodes, takes center stage as his eyes briefly flash like those of the invaders. This revelation raises profound questions about his true intentions, leaving viewers eagerly speculating about the potential betrayal or ulterior motives lurking beneath his facade.

While the episode's latter half delivers riveting drama, the first half suffers from pacing issues. It often meanders, leaving viewers yearning for a more brisk and engaging narrative. Tightening up this part of the episode could have maintained the suspense and engagement throughout, ensuring that the story flowed seamlessly from start to finish.

One notable drawback is the occasional lapses into inhumanity. For instance, the General's lack of empathy for Aneesha's agony as her daughter, Sarah, is abducted by the military feels unsettling, given the depth of human emotions that should underpin the characters. Balancing the grander narrative stakes with personal emotions would have deepened the viewer's connection to the characters and their struggles.

Additionally, some moments of interaction, such as the conversation between Trevante and Casper over the video call, fall short in terms of emotional depth and nuance. The weight of their complex history and shared experiences is not fully conveyed, leaving the audience yearning for a more convincing exchange.

Lastly, the resolution of the love triangle between Jamila, Casper, and Monty falls somewhat flat. This subplot, which could have added complexity to the characters and their relationships, fails to capture our interest effectively.

In conclusion, 'Old Friends, New Frontiers' is an emotionally charged and suspenseful finale that sets the stage for a potentially gripping third season of *Invasion*. While it grapples with pacing issues and occasionally neglects the human element in the face of its grand narrative, the episode excels in delivering a profound emotional impact and tantalizing us with the enigma of Casper's connection to the aliens. This season of *Invasion* remains an enthralling watch, and despite its hiccups, it succeeds in maintaining the intrigue and suspense that keeps viewers yearning for more.

Final Score- [7/10]



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