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Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review - A Dance Between Belief and Struggle

The episode follows Jamila’s conviction that Casper is alive, leading her through the chaotic UK, while Trevante's quest for answers drives him to infiltrate a US army base.

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 29 Aug 2023 20:29:15 +0100 1693 Views
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In the enigmatic world of Apple TV's 'Invasion,' where the skies are graced by colossal alien vessels and the earth trembles beneath uncertain alliances, Episode 2, aptly titled 'Chasing Ghosts,' thrusts us into a dance between hope and hardship. In this installment, we traverse the emotional landscapes of two key characters, Jamila and Trevante, each wrestling with their own ghosts in a world where the line between humanity and otherworldly forces blurs.

As the episode unfolds, Jamila's dreams intertwine with reality, echoing the past experiences of the missing Casper. Like a whisper carried on the wind, her conviction that Casper remains alive resonates, even in the face of skepticism. This parallel between Jamila's dreams and Casper's prior visions offers a mesmerizing thematic symmetry, tugging at our senses and knitting their fates together in a cosmic tapestry.

Trevante's journey takes a different path, as he grapples with the weight of his PTSD amid a seemingly fleeting moment of familial bliss. Yet, the indomitable presence of the alien ship continues to shadow him, a stark reminder that soldiers never truly leave the battlefield behind. His PTSD manifests when he rescues his nephew from near-drowning, his anger unfurling in a raw outcry that alienates him from his kin. This scene poignantly captures the show's essence, underscoring that even in moments of reprieve, the invasion's aftershocks persist.

The visual contrast between the UK's desolate landscapes, painted in somber blue hues, and the US's sun-soaked revival radiates with symbolism. The UK's canvas is one of displacement and fear, a realm where chaos reigns as humanity struggles for a foothold amidst the invasion's tendrils. In contrast, the US, bathed in warm yellows, embodies a hesitant resurgence, offering a juxtaposition of renewal against the ever-looming threat.

The brilliance of the episode shines brightest in its exploration of Trevante's determination and Jamila's unyielding intuition. Trevante's relentless pursuit of answers propels him into a daring infiltration mission, uncovering breadcrumbs that lead him to the heart of Oklahoma. The intensity of his quest mirrors his internal turbulence, bringing forth a surge of suspense that captivates the viewer.

As for Jamila, her journey becomes a testament to the power of conviction. Her bond with Casper extends beyond the boundaries of the physical, her dreams echoing the footsteps of a man lost in the chaos. Her journey to the abandoned hospital, a shrine of shared memories, invokes an atmosphere that's both haunting and heartrending. The audacity of her decision to heed her instincts, to embrace the Jedi-like path of dreams and premonitions, showcases a heroine unafraid to venture into the unknown.

Despite its brilliance, 'Chasing Ghosts' isn't without its imperfections. The pacing, at times, stutters, stretching scenes thinner than they deserve. The alternation between the UK and the US could have been executed more harmoniously, preventing occasional confusion. Information overload risks diluting the emotional impact, and a more resonant musical score could have bolstered pivotal scenes, intensifying their punch.

In the grand symphony that is 'Invasion,' Episode 2 reverberates with promises and pitfalls. The exploration of PTSD, the parallelism between Jamila and Casper's visions, and the visual artistry remain standout achievements. Yet, pacing, sequence transitions, and occasional narrative bloat stand as areas for potential refinement. Regardless, 'Chasing Ghosts' sustains the show's enigmatic allure, tugging us into a world where the lines between belief and reality blur, just like the shadows of alien vessels on the horizon. It's a dance between the ethereal and the earthly, a haunting echo of the human spirit's resilience against the unknown.

Final Score- [6/10]



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