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Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 5 Review - A Mind-Bending Odyssey

The episode follows our characters as they confront eerie connections to an enigmatic other side, with Mitsuki’s emotional unraveling and a chilling entity’s manipulation

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 19 Sep 2023 21:10:07 +0100 539 Views
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In the ever-enigmatic realm of 'Invasion,' Episode 5, aptly titled 'A Voice From the Other Side,' weaves a complex tapestry of curiosity, dread, and revelation. As the characters venture deeper into the abyss of the unknown, this installment promises both captivating moments and moments of hesitation.

The episode unfolds with a nuanced exploration of our main characters, each experiencing their own surreal connection with the 'other side.' The recurrent shifts in perspective, offering glimpses from the 'other side,' cast an eerie shadow of uncertainty over the proceedings. Whether it's a cloaked entity, an alternate universe, or a baffling trap, remains shrouded in ambiguity, feeding our curiosity while ensnaring our sense of reality.

In Trevante's journey, we witness Rose's lingering skepticism regarding the eerie connection between Casper and the aliens. However, Trevante's persuasive powers lead them to a farm, guided by a cryptic drawing in Casper's book. It's here that the episode aptly reveals its name. The crows circling ominously overhead make us wonder: are these birds just birds, or are they messengers from a darker realm? As the characters traverse this unsettling landscape, a sense of unease pervades, heightened by the ever-watchful eyes of the 'other side.'

Aneesha's storyline, equally compelling, delves deeper into the family's predicament. The revelation of their secret about the alien shard sparks tension within the group. Clark, in an unexpected twist, intervenes, displaying a surprising depth of character and empathy. This subplot presents a breath of fresh air, highlighting the complexity of human relationships in the face of existential threats.

However, the standout narrative of this episode undoubtedly belongs to Mitsuki. Her relentless quest to communicate with the alien entity trapped within the ship is the linchpin of the story. The episode masterfully unravels her psyche, revealing the intricate web of her traumas and her unwavering determination to find answers. The entity, manifesting as a little girl, adds an eerie, almost surreal dimension to the narrative. This entity, seemingly a part of or a portal to the 'other side,' questions the nature of the conflict and appears genuinely bewildered by the humans' stance.

The emotional crescendo in Mitsuki's storyline, intertwined with the entity's manipulation of her traumas, is a haunting high point. Her vulnerability becomes a weapon, rendering her an unwitting pawn in the entity's machinations. The voice of Casper calling out in the shadows adds an unsettling layer, suggesting he might also be ensnared on the 'other side.' The sequence is gripping and charged with suspense, leaving us on the edge of our seats.

Nonetheless, 'A Voice From the Other Side' is not without its flaws. The pacing, at times, meanders, disrupting the episode's overall flow. Trevante's storyline, although intriguing, could have been visually enhanced to match the otherworldly tone of the narrative. Additionally, while the sound design remained strong, it could have been more impactful during the entity's shrieks in the climactic moments.

As we venture further into the labyrinthine mysteries of 'Invasion,' Episode 5 serves as a compelling midpoint. The exploration of the 'other side' intensifies the intrigue, and Mitsuki's emotional turmoil propels her character into the spotlight. With Aneesha's gradual trust in Clark adding depth, the ensemble cast continues to shine. However, the episode's pacing and occasional visual shortcomings hinder it from reaching its full potential. Yet, the mysteries unveiled in 'A Voice From the Other Side' leave us eager and apprehensive about the dark revelations yet to come.

Final Score- [7.5/10]



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