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Apple TV+ ‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review - Flood of Conspiracies and Questions

In this episode, Grace’s ex-boyfriend relates his story in the style of a noir film: he felt Edgar was up to no good and was desperate to protect his ex.

Riya Singh - Wed, 19 Jul 2023 05:44:54 +0100 1915 Views
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The previous episode left us with Grace’s version of her story. She narrated how she met Edgar and things progressed into a marriage. This episode is titled “Travis” and is 34 minutes long. Let us see what Travis has to say.

Travis might be successful in portraying the version of his story but the audience needs to be careful as he is Grace’s ex-boyfriend. So, his having any wrong intentions for Edgard can not be disapproved so easily. His version in the third episode of the series is played as a black and white film however, this doesn't necessarily mean that he is speaking in black and white because the man can very well be grey due to the jealousy factor.

After putting on his detective hat, there are many things in Edgar’s story which is hard to believe like him being absent at two very important moments: Edgar running from the first dance and him getting murdered. Why was he either unconscious or in deep sleep whenever something important was going to happen? Things don’t add up so easily in his version. I even sometimes found him to be insane as he thinks that he is some Intelligence Agency-level detective. Looking at him, I don't think that the man has got brains. The only suitable reason that I find behind his unbelievable story is his love for Grace. I might be wrong but this guy doesn't have the guts.

Travis did say that he came to help because of the invite sent by Grace. So, does this mean that Grace wanted to expose Edgard, but what could be the reason? Many questions like that have been left unanswered. One reason could be that she was after his money and after she found out about that elaborate scam, she wanted out of this marriage.

Isabel is also a suspect right now along with Grace’s parents. Coming from a not-so-wealthy background, one might think that they got the groom murdered after the wedding so that their daughter can get all the money since Hannah is an adopted child.

Zoe right now can not be considered a suspect because she is actively participating in the investigation. Another case scenario can be that she is leading the investigation in the wrong direction to borrow some time to tie the loose ends.

Sebastian is also a suspect, being a business partner, he might have made those shell companies. Once Edgar came to know about it, Sebastian made an elaborate plan to get him killed. Since those codes were found in Edgar’s office (as per Travis’s account) and were easily accessible to Sebastian, he too can not be spared.

Many questions will be coming into the minds of the audience. Right now, we’re only at the third episode and there are six left. This means that many things are left to be brought forward. Currently, Zoe is seen to do better work investigating the matter as compared to Detective Danner. I might even complement Travis but he did get a little overboard at the afterparty when he revealed what was Edgar’s supposed plan. If he would have believed in his theory then revealing it like this was a bad decision. The man could have waited and entered at the right moment, but what did he do? He rather slept outside Grace and Edgar’s creepy room.

I liked how the stories shifted their tones as the narratives changed. When it was Grace’s turn, they showed the story as a Victorian Romance, and did you notice that hand gesture that Zach Woods did in the role of Edgar? Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy did the same in Pride and Prejudice. I think that the scene was deliberately added to ring a bell in the minds of periodic drama fans.

At the end of the third episode, two strong proofs point toward Hannah being the murderer. Earlier what was thought to be a cuff link is a key from the typewriter. Hannah co-incidentally likes collecting vintage stuff including typewriters and as Zoe confirmed, the missing key belonged to one of hers. Also, the Devil’s trumpet (the plant that caused Edgar's hallucinations) is growing in her garden. She was the in-charge of floral arrangements, it would have been a piece of cake for her to poison her brother.

Just like Travis, she also wanted to stop the wedding hence, there is a reason behind her actions. Each episode ends with pointing fingers at another character and now we have to hear what Hannah has to tell. The series is successful in playing with the mind of the audience and keeps them hooked to the screen until the very end. Each episode is bringing up new perspectives, and the audience needs to be smart enough to pick out the loopholes in each narrative.

Final Score- [7/10]



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