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‘Ayalvaashi’ Netflix Movie Review - A Missed Opportunity for Meaningful Storytelling

The movie follows Thajudeen and Benny, as their friendship gets strained when Benny suspects his friend of damaging his scooter

Neha Krishna - Fri, 19 May 2023 11:21:46 +0100 2811 Views
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Ayalvaashi follows Thajudeen and Benny, whose friendship is strained when he suspects his friend of damaging his scooter. The film explores the repercussions of misunderstandings and the quest for resolution.

In the realm of creative writing, there are exercises that challenge aspiring writers to craft compelling narratives from seemingly insignificant ideas. 'Ayalvaashi,' a Malayalam film available on Netflix, unfortunately, falls short of delivering an engaging story despite its intriguing premise of misunderstandings caused by scratches on a scooter.

The film revolves around the friendship between neighbors Thajudeen (Soubin Shahir) and Benny (Binu Pappu), which begins to deteriorate when Benny suspects Thaju of damaging his scooter. This misunderstanding leads to the collapse of a scooter sale deal and strains their relationship. A hurt Thaju, wrongly accused, embarks on a quest to uncover the true culprit responsible for the scratch and restore their friendship. Director Irshad Parari attempts to explore the theme of small misunderstandings escalating into significant problems, but the execution lacks depth and fails to captivate the audience.

Throughout the movie, the characters seem like kind-hearted individuals with hidden malicious intentions, creating an unrealistic and exaggerated world. While the domino effect of misunderstandings initially sounds promising on paper, it loses its impact when translated onto the screen. The intended humor and emotional resonance fall flat, failing to connect with the viewers. Even Naslen, known for enlivening scenes, appears subdued and unable to salvage the lackluster narrative.

A significant portion of the film is dedicated to Thajudeen and his sidekick Gokulan aimlessly visiting various vehicle accessory shops in search of the person responsible for the scratch. This elongated sequence feels tedious and adds unnecessary drag to the storyline. The inclusion of a choreographed 'Chewing Gum song' further contributes to the film's disjointed pacing, resembling more of a promotional gimmick than a meaningful addition. Additionally, the outdated and superfluous narration by Gokulan fails to convey any substantial information.

Benny's fear of his mother, which impedes his attempts to reconcile with his wife Seleena (Nikhila Vimal), holds potential as an interesting subplot. However, it is disappointingly underdeveloped and ultimately fizzles out, leaving viewers wanting more depth and exploration of the characters' dynamics.

In the midst of these shortcomings, there is one poignant scene that stands out. Thajudeen's emotional breakdown in front of his wife, where he expresses his anguish at being unjustly blamed for the troubles in her family, offers a glimpse of the film's potential for genuine emotion. Regrettably, such moving moments are rare in the overall narrative.
The most commendable aspect of 'Ayalvaashi' is its clever title, which hints at a more substantial and thought-provoking story than what is ultimately delivered. The film fails to live up to the promise and potential embedded within its name.

In conclusion, 'Ayalvaashi' suffers from lazy and listless execution, resulting in a monotonous and uninspiring viewing experience. Despite the initial premise's potential, the film fails to engage the audience through its shallow character development, lack of genuine humor, and ineffective exploration of the underlying themes. While it manages to briefly touch upon compelling moments, they are overshadowed by the overall lack of depth and coherence in the storytelling. 'Ayalvaashi' ultimately falls short of leaving a lasting impression, making it a forgettable addition to the Malayalam film industry.

Final Score- [4.5/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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