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‘Back to 15’ Season 2 Netflix Review - Accepting Things

In the second season of De Volta aos 15, Joel and Anita’s futures have become inadvertently entwined, needing an extensive new plan to restore normality.

Riya Singh - Wed, 05 Jul 2023 15:08:15 +0100 3676 Views
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Season 1 of Back to 15 ended with Anita enjoying her time in Paris with Henrique. They both spend some romantic moments together. Joel fell in love with Anita when she clicked his picture at Luiza’s birthday party while they were fifteen. To delete the same picture from Anita’s photoblog account, he tries to log in and ends up with her in the past. He didn’t initially know that Anita used to time travel, and things became clear to him as time progressed.

Things were no longer in Anita’s control now as Joel was too busy meddling in others' lives. He didn’t know the consequences of his actions. Two months passed after Lu’s birthday, Lu ran away from home to Sao Paulo, and their dad started getting chemotherapy. Joel and Anita together plan what they have to achieve which included the priority being bringing Lu back. Joel, Anita, Fabricio, and Cesar go together to Sao Paulo. There is a party where Cesar meets Dani who allows him to see things from a new perspective and embrace his identity. Dani brought a significant change in his life. I wouldn't have been happier if Back to 15 was all about Cesar.

It was time to send Joel back, but Anita is tied with him now. Both return to the present and she sees that she is with Fabricio now. Anita has always liked Henrique hence, she goes back to change things so that the outcome can be different. Carol being a teenager gets easily attracted to boys. She was confused between Henrique and Douglas, and we already know that Henrique and Anita like each other. So, the possibility of Carol and Henrique ending together had to be altered. Joel and Fabricio also liked Anita. She saw herself ending with Fabricio and Henrique, but never in one possibility we saw that it could have been Joel.

Things get messier when Edurado discovers the notebook Joel wrote about all the significant things of the future. This was the main thing that had to be fixed. Back to 15 is a show centered around teen life where a 30-year-old Anita is trying to change things for a better outcome. This series will be liked by everyone as the plot targets a huge audience. Season 2 is about accepting how things should be. After Anita tried to change a lot of things, she learns that we shouldn’t meddle so much with the past.

With every move, she made while being a 15-year-old came a lot of variables. She was stuck in a love square with a lot of masculine energy around her. From being an adult who made a lot of reckless decisions, we see her growing into a kind self. The best character in Back to 15 has to be Camila. Her journey of accepting who she is was great. Played by Pedro Vinicius, it has to be among the best characters I have ever seen. The confidence, glamour, and clarity the actor has brought on screen are noteworthy.

At one point, the audience may also feel tired of watching things repeated again and again. For me, two seasons are sufficient, and I don’t want things to get messy again. In this season, Anita and Joel together took it upon themselves to go back in time. They created a lot of problems and solved them like a team. The series expectedly ended here when Anita was deleting her photoblog account in the last scene of season 2.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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