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‘Bad Cop’ (2024) Hotstar Series Review - A Decent Start

Karan is a fearless officer attempting to track down Kazbe, a criminal far more powerful and lethal than him, while still managing his personal relationships.

Riya Singh - Fri, 21 Jun 2024 20:58:53 +0100 734 Views
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Bad Cop has a great start and with the budding tension between the characters, all hell is going to break loose. In the series, two identical twins have no point of commonality except their facial features. With a vast difference between their personalities, one is a cop (Arjun) and the other (Karan) is a local thug who makes money by duping people.

Arjun, a police officer, is married to Devika who recently got her promotion and is now SHO. The marital bliss between the two no longer exists as there are constant conflicts due to the intrusion of professional talks invading their domestic life.

Recently, a case that involved the illegal smuggling of elephant tusks came to Arjun's notice. Anurag Kashyap plays the boss of this illegal smuggling group. It was my first time seeing him play a role and it would be safe to say that he nailed it. There are some very powerful scenes in which Kashyap is seen commanding his subordinates who are fools with no sense of how to handle a business and that too an illegal one.

The man is locked up in a prison where everyone is at his command and it feels like a vacation instead of punishment. Arjun received a tip about a place where the sale of tusks was going to take place. Caught up in crossfires along with Karan who was there accidentally, begging for his brother's help for a case in which he is now a prime murder suspect.

Karan got involved in the crime scene of a well-known journalist who had friends in high-ranking places like the CBI. The investigation is headed by the dead journalist’s friend and Karan’s DNA samples were found in the nail beds of the victim. Fearing his capture he stalked Arjun as the brothers had not been in contact for several years.

The unfortunate encounter at the shipyard took Arjun’s life and now Karan is clueless about what to do. After being shot at his shoulder he was barely saved by the police officers. Devika mistook Karan for her husband and now he is living in Arjun's home. The goons consider Karan an enemy now with Kiki's life to be in danger.

In forthcoming episodes, the chances of Karan living his brother's professional life as a cop are clear with his intentions of catching his brother's killers in mind. Just two episodes have been released and the series with its action, brilliant writing, and great cast has left the audience wondering what will happen in the upcoming episodes. Gulshan Devaiah, Anurag Kashyap, and Harleen Sethi have the audience in their hold.

Bad Cop has a lot of potential and I wish that all episodes came out together. For the time being, let's hope that the writers don't ruin the show and that everything goes well with the remaining six episodes. I couldn't notice any visible difference between Gulshan Devaiah’s double role as not much efforts were made here.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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