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‘Choose or Die’ Netflix Movie Review - Think Twice Before Pressing That Button

The film is a dark take on the 1980s gaming craze and follows two friends who enter a bizarre realm of next-level horror in pursuit of an unclaimed reward

Riya Singh - Fri, 15 Apr 2022 22:10:14 +0100 5027 Views
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The title does give an idea of what this film is all about. It sounds a little dangerous and gives us the idea that it is going to be a horror-thriller. Choose or Die is a cursed game that was developed in the 1980s.

The code of the game is cursed, and the players have to deal with horror every day. It is not up to them whether they want to play it or not. Any screen nearby them turns on, and the game begins. It tells you to choose between two options, and if you don’t, then you’ll have to die.

At the start of this film, we see a middle-aged man playing this game. He’s on level 1, and in the starting, he is just asked simple things like whether he wants the lights to be turned on or off. Gradually, when the level increases, he is given a choice: his ears or her tongue. He chooses his tongue, and after stepping out of the gaming room, he finds out that his wife has chopped off their son’s tongue. This gives us the exact idea of how the game controls the player and his surroundings. In the end, he was given the choice to get his family killed or get copies made of the game. He chose the second option and made multiple copies. Without even watching the movie, you can guess how that’ll turn out to be.

Soon, this game falls in the hands of Kayla, who picked it up from Isaax’s store. She lives with her drug-addicted mother. She calls the number written on the game and the call is answered by Robert Englund. Kayla transfers that game into her computer after reaching her house, and from that point onwards, her life changes. When she is on level 1, she was at a cafe, and the result of playing the game was that the waitress working there ends up killing herself. Later, Kayla is challenged to save her mother. Her past traumas were also exploited. Will she be able to win the game? Will she be able to save her mother?

Even though I am quite disappointed by the ending of this film as it could have been much better, I would recommend you to watch this film. Also, the origins of the game have not been clearly explained. The movie has a short runtime- just 1hr 24 minutes and will not bore you at all. You’ll be constantly wondering who is the person behind this game? What are his motives? The end despite being not clear is filled with suspense. The plot of Choose or Die is good and unique.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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