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‘Confidential Informant’ (2023) Movie Review - A Crime Thriller that Commits the Crime of Boredom

The film stars Mel Gibson as a dying cop who makes a deal with an informant to get killed in the line of duty

Arpita Mondal - Sat, 01 Jul 2023 19:52:05 +0100 4259 Views
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If you are looking for a gritty crime thriller that stars Mel Gibson you might be interested in Confidential Informant (2023. The movie is directed by Michael Oblowitz, who has previously worked with Gibson on The Foreigner (2017). The screenplay is written by Michael Kaycheck, Brooke Nasser, and Oblowitz, based on a story by Kaycheck.

The movie promises to deliver a tense and action-packed story that explores the moral dilemmas of police work and the consequences of breaking the law. Gibson gives a compelling performance as a desperate and dying man who tries to secure his family’s future, while Stahl and Bosworth provide solid support as his conflicted partner and his relentless pursuer. The movie also features Dominic Purcell, Arielle Raycene, Erik Valdez, and Russell Richardson in supporting roles.

The movie has an interesting plot and action sequences that keep the audience engaged and guessing throughout. The movie has several twists and turns that surprise and shock the viewers, as well as some emotional moments that tug at the heartstrings. The movie does not shy away from showing the dark and gritty side of the police world but also offers some hope and redemption for its characters.

The movie relies too much on clichés and stereotypes of the cop genre, such as corrupt officers, drug dealers, shootouts, and car chases. The movie also suffers from a lack of originality and innovation, as it borrows heavily from other movies such as Training Day (2001), End of Watch (2012), and The Departed (2006). The movie also fails to explore the psychological and emotional aspects of its characters, making them seem shallow and one-dimensional.

The movie fails to tell a convincing and engaging story that justifies its premise. The poor quality of the cinematography, the dim lighting, and the annoying music distract from the potential drama. The movie also ends with a confusing and disappointing scene that does not match the expectations created by the previous events.

The only redeeming factor of the movie was Mel Gibson’s phenomenal performance as a dying cop who wants to leave something for his family. He portrayed the character with intensity, emotion, and charisma, making me care about his fate. However, even his talent could not save the movie from the weak script and the unfair treatment of his role. He deserved better dialogues and more screen time, instead of being overshadowed by the other actors and the plot holes.

The movie is a boring and dull attempt at a dark and gritty thriller. It could have been a better movie if it had shown the complexity and the consequences of the police world, instead of making us cheer for the most crooked cops among them. But I guess the movie is made for those who think that being corrupt is cool and justified.

The movie has a strong premise and a talented cast, but it wastes them on a clichéd and unoriginal story that lacks depth, creativity, and realism. The movie has some moments of suspense and emotion, but they are overshadowed by the poor quality of the production, the script, and the direction. The chances of you enjoying the movie are pretty less unless you are a die-hard fan of Mel Gibson.

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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