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‘Crawlspace’ Netflix Movie Review - I Am Just A Plumber

After seeing two poachers execute a heinous murder in a rural Oregon cabin, a plumber finds himself battling for his own survival.

Riya Singh - Thu, 02 Nov 2023 19:14:31 +0000 583 Views
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Crawlspace is about the hunt for money obtained through illegal means. Having a decent start and an average ending, the film fails us in between. We get introduced to Robert’s character who can qualify as the modern Robin Hood. When it is about collecting his hard-earned money, the man has a faint heart.

In the town, there has been a fraud of $2 million for which an FBI officer has come to set up an inquiry. The movie is basically about acquiring money, innocents losing their lives, and an unexpected villain.

One day, Robert leaves his home after getting in a fight with his wife over financial issues. Little did he know that he was going to encounter bad people and had to fight for his life. The bad people I’m referring to here are thugs who want to steal money from the poacher. For that sum, many have already been killed and Robert is next.

The cat and mouse game went on for too long and it looked thrilling at the beginning but gradually became very irritating. It was nice seeing how the plumber every time reverted to the goons with his various tactics. Necessity is the mother of invention is proved by Robert when he was hiding in the space below the tiles. Any instrument he saw lying nearby, was intelligently used.

What the film needed more of was intense fighting scenes. There is a scene in the movie where the goon kept his ears close to the floorboard to judge the location of the plumber and it made me anxious. The scenario was just like a demon keeping a close watch on his prey and if some more like this had been added, I would have been amazed.

Another scene in which the goons tried to fill the basement with poisonous and inflammable gas was illogical. They were after money, to begin with so why blow it just to get the plumber out of hiding? Better villains and a good script for them would have served its purpose.

In the beginning, it was clearly shown that both the goons were in the house and the plumber was stuck. From what I could perceive, Robert had a good chance of escaping. The mini door of the basement and the main entrance of the house were far apart and this could have served as his chance for escape. Rather we see that both parties deny relocating and are stuck there.

Whenever the scenes of Sterling (the goon) snorting drugs are shown, it is like he is rubbing it off with his nose rather than inhaling it. Scenes like this lacked accuracy. Also, what was with Gerald running at the first chance he got after seeing the FBI agent? He could have acted calmly, but the boy chose to expose his vulnerabilities.

This is not how crime thrillers are made as they do not expose their plot until the very last moment. I can point out various scenes in the film which made it substandard in terms of the genre. I didn’t feel fully convinced by the plot and you can easily skip this one. Those new to the genre might find it to be average.

Crawlspace film is all about a man crawling to save his life and live for his family. It’s a 90-minute film which can be replaced by better titles.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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