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‘Dead to Me’ Season 3 Review - End of an Epic Friendship

Season 3 follows Jen and Judy, who have survived their Season 2 cliffhanger car accident, but just because they are both alive doesn’t guarantee their futures

Riya Singh - Thu, 17 Nov 2022 19:31:19 +0000 3532 Views
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Jen and Judy, our favorite onscreen pairing have a lot of troubles going on in their lives. Not only did they commit murder, but Charlie (Jen’s son) found out about it. Thank god for their instantaneous lies, they saved themself trouble.

The 10-episode season starts with Jen imagining that she’s enjoying spending time at the beach with Judy. She quickly wakes up from the dream and finds herself in the emergency of a hospital. They’ve been in a hit-and-run case and the culprit was Ben (Steve’s brother). Also, there’s another problem. The Police had recovered Steve’s body at a federal land which lead to the case being handed over to the FBI. Now, the third problem is Jen’s son Charlie who found out the parting letters that Jen wrote to her children. The fourth problem is that Judy is suffering from cancer. The final and fifth trouble is the greek mafias that are behind them. How are they going to cope with this? That’s what Dead to Me season 3 is all about.

The troubles that they’re in are very serious, but still their “take it easy” attitude and funny conversations make the audience feel relaxed. Jen can be seen breaking up easily and Judy acts as her control. The season picks right up where the last season left off: Steve’s murder and Jen and Judy’s accident and ends by leaving us with broken hearts. 

The dialogues in the series keep one hooked to the screen. You’ll be hearing amazing and hilarious lines from both Jen and Judy. There shouldn’t be any debate about which of them has a better sense of humor as that’ll be considered illegal. The series has a lot of twists and turns that captivated the audience and forced them to watch the entire series. 

The transformation in Ben’s character is notable. From being just a side character, he became an important part of Jen’s life. The scene where the nurse told Jen about the shadows that were present on her CT scan is my favorite scene. Her reaction when she realized that it wasn’t her scan but Judy’s was iconic. The transformation in her expressions was great. She went from being relieved to really scared in just a few seconds. Being Judy’s best friend, she was practicing in front of the mirror how she was going to break the news to her.

Looking at how well Jen and Judy complement each other, the show will be lonely without Judy. The thing that I and most people don’t know is how we’ll be able to watch it without our favorite best friend pairing. But the thing is that it has already been declared as the final season, so was the open ending just an attempt to tease the audience? I sure hope that the creators change their minds and come back to us with another season with Judy present in it. The majority of the fans will be hoping for a miracle to happen to get back Judy and season 4.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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