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‘Deiva Machan’ Prime Video Movie Review - A Family Entertainer

The movie follows a youngster from a small town, who believes that his only responsibility in life is to find a suitable groom for his sister.

Riya Singh - Tue, 13 Jun 2023 19:58:07 +0100 2424 Views
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The movie starts with Karthi (played by Vimal) going on his bike when suddenly he started hearing strange voices. After a while horse is standing in front of him and magically a man appears sitting on it. Then we’re taken to a few days back where Karthi’s sister is facing trouble getting good proposals for marriage. Before the groom’s family reaches their home, something bad like an accident or heart attack happens. Going through a lot of troubles, her sister loses hope of getting married. One day, a proposal from an aristocratic family comes. Karthi’s family was thrilled, however, a look at the groom and their demands, there was no possibility of marriage. The aristocratic family swore that they won’t let Karthi’s sister marry someone else if it is not in their family.

The man whom Karthi saw on the horse in his visions foretold him about the death of the hunter of their village. The same man also predicted the death of Karthi’s mom and his crush. This time the same man predicted the death of his brother-in-law. Finally, the family got a good proposal for their daughter and to stop everything from getting ruined, Karthi is seen doing bizarre things. The best part is that his best friend Murugam also supports him in this because he witnessed the sayings coming true. I like how they address each other as partners. If I have to summarize this film in one line then it is about a boy who has to fight against divine powers to save his brother-in-law.

Deepa Shankar as Manjula will win the hearts of the audience. She played the role of Karthi’s aunt. Whatever she said used to come true and after noticing this strange thing, the family members didn’t give her a chance to speak. For example, when Karthi was taking his sister and brother-in-law to the temple, they already had a tactic planned. Murugan bribed Manjula’s husband with alcohol and in return asked him not to allow his wife to speak. Every time she opened her mouth, her husband stuffed a bun in her mouth. Also, she’s like the aunt of every other Indian household who comes empty-handed, but at the time of their departure, they have their hands filled with goods from their paternal home.

The only issue one might face with this 119-minute-long film is the duration itself. Although the film wasn’t boring at the same time I felt that it could have been short. Deiva Machan is a complete package and one can easily watch it with their families. There’s nothing extraordinary in Deiva Machan, but still, it can entertain its audience. The reason is a simple plot and good humor. The movie will make you believe that a simple plot can also do wonders with just the right things mixed in it. The cast of Deiva Machan has done a wonderful job. Comedy is top-notch, and it won't be wrong to say that comedy and Karthi’s character were the only things that made the movie work for me.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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