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‘Dwindle’ Netflix Movie Review - The Mess Getting Messier

Dwindle follows two friends, who hijack a car and venture into cabbing, but their lives take a drastic turn when their path runs into assassins who kidnapped the state governor

Riya Singh - Sat, 20 Aug 2022 21:51:42 +0100 4901 Views
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Two friends land into one problem, which leads to another, which in turn results in another. It is like a vicious cycle that never ends. They started by entering into smaller problems and ended up endangering their own lives. These friends didn’t know what they were risking for the greed of money.

How privileged people don’t have to face struggles like the people in the street have to has been discussed and how the frustration of these youngsters was put up was commendable. On one side, there is a politician’s son who studied for four years at a foreign university and now owns his business, and on the other side is a common youngster who studied at a local university for seven years and is still jobless. The world is obviously not equally fair to both of them.

In such cases, the youngsters get fed up and end up doing things that should not be done, like stealing. Similarly, these two young men, Chinedu and Buta, end up taking a forbidden road of robbery. Initially, Buta encouraged Chinedu into robbing a car. Chinedu being an honest man denied that, but his friend kept on dragging him into his stupid plans. Ultimately, they both end up having guns pointed at their heads.

In the film, three narratives have been shown parallelly. The first one is of two female Police Officers who had to provide security to the governor. They failed at keeping the Governor safe and he was kidnapped by the goons. The second scenario is of the two boys Chinedu and Buta. The third narrative is of Josiah, the Governor’s son, who absolutely has no moral values and duties.

Josiah wants to kill the Governor as he has an insurance policy that’ll give him 10 million dollars after his father’s death. This amount was enough for him to repay the money he owed and to move forward in life. Children like him who think that money is more important than their parents’ lives are a shame to society. Well, money does make one go blind, so he can not be blamed.

In my opinion, Dwindle is a great watch. With a time duration of more than two hours, Dwindle might bore the audience sometime in between, but it doesn’t fail to capture the attention of the audience. The crime thriller is great, and the characters shown in the film feel so real. The movie starts with many things that were happening parallelly and ends up coming together. Initially, the audience might feel overburdened with the number of characters the film was introducing, but after watching the whole film, it felt that it was important to do so as it was the demand of the script. Dwindle is not a simple film, and there are many elements in it. The climax of the film is full of adventure and has proved to be a satisfying end for the characters.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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