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E-sports and Its Development

E-sports appeared when the popularity of Quake contributed to the fact that already in 1997 the first online professional league of cyber athletes was founded

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E-sports is a competitive activity based on video games. E-sports appeared when players got opportunities to compete with each other. Team battles in the legendary Doom 2 literally captured the whole world. Quake has become even more interesting for players. The highest popularity of the game contributed to the fact that already in 1997 the first online professional league of cyber athletes was founded. That's how e-sports appeared. At the same time, such online leagues as ESL and WCG were formed, as well as their numerous regional variants.

Nowadays, some gaming portals offer to place bets on e-sports disciplines. One of such gaming platforms is BetSofa. It provides its clients with plenty of e-sports disciplines, ebasketball h2h gg league, included. The portal is safe, licensed, and reliable.

What Games are Included in E-sports?

There are a lot of e-games nowadays. The most popular e-games around the world are:

●    Dota 2; 
●    League of Legends;
●    Counter-Strike; 
●    StarCraft;
●    Smite.

The total prize funds of these games reach 87 million dollars.

All these games are united by the predominance of the player's skill over luck. The outcome of the tournament is not determined by chance. The most important is the team and personal skills of each e-sports player. Also, the games in which full-fledged championships are held provide equal opportunities for participants.


E-sports Betting

In addition to the opportunity to get into computer sports, many people who are well versed in a particular game are attracted by the opportunity to bet on e-sports. E-sports betting is a great way to savor your favorite game and win money. A lot of bookmakers such as BetSofa offer to make e-sports bets nowadays. Simply register on one of the betting sites, providing your personal details, to start e-sports betting. Then, you just need to replenish your balance and select an event for making a bet.

Some of the bet types available for e-sports betting:

●    Handicap
●    Total
●    Live, etc.

There are also mobile e-sports. The prize money and audience in mobile e-sports are much smaller, but there are also several tournaments in which you can take part.


E-sports will continue to develop by leaps and bounds. Even though the mobile games market has been taking a large part of the audience lately, prize money in e-sports competitions is still increasing, and it is unknown when this growth will stop.

So far, more and more people are joining professional gaming, interested in matches and various gaming devices; so many companies are still interested in organizing e-sports championships.



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