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Educational and Motivational Movies for Students

Most people watch movies only for entertainment purposes. Yet, they can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Find out more by reading this article

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Whether you are still in high school or you've already gone to college, movies can help you more than you think. They can be used as powerful educational and motivational tools. Movies can come in handy, especially for people who are looking to find new insights. For instance, when learning various subjects. You can use them to find inspiration for your studies and personal development. Movies are not just used for entertainment alone. Even for lifelong learners, there are several films that can help you achieve your goals. 

Movies have a unique way of educating people by telling quite engaging stories. Films also present information in a visual and interactive manner. This can help people to get a deeper understanding of profound concepts. With that said, here are a few educational and motivational movies that students may find beneficial.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This one will forever remain one of the best motivational movies for students of all time. The film showcases a true story of a man, Chris Gardner, a struggling sales agent. He later becomes homeless with his young boy. Throughout the movie, Chris faces a lot of challenges and setbacks. But due to his positive character, he doesn't give up. He then went ahead and secured an internship position at a brokerage firm through his hard work. By remaining dedicated and persevering, he managed to turn his life around. He became a successful stockbroker at the firm. Well, you don't need to become homeless like Chris to turn your life around. As students, you only need to stay focused and dedicated to whatever you do. It shows that by working hard, you can still overcome your troubles and be successful.

Dead Poets Society

This is one of the best educational movies for students. It can also be inspiring to them. It tells the story of a teacher, John Keating, who was working at a prestigious prep school in New England. He was encouraging his students to always think for themselves. John wanted the kids to challenge authority and stand up against wrongdoings. He was not just a literature review helper in school; he was also using poetry as a method to help students discover themselves and become inspired. Everyone in the school was against him. This includes parents and the school's administration. However, this did not stop him from inspiring his students. He helped them to find their own voices and follow their passions. From this, John managed to transform their learning experience. This film encourages students to always believe in themselves. Stand for what you know is right.

Stand and Deliver

This is another classic educational movie that could be helpful to students. It is more of a biographical drama. It's about a mathematics teacher, Jaime Escalante. He inspires his learners to work hard and succeed in their studies. The setting of this movie is done in a high-poverty high school in East Los Angeles. It is predominantly occupied by Latinos. Jaime never stopped encouraging the students. He always wanted them to show resilience and perseverance in whatever they did. He also inspires them to keep working hard no matter what setbacks and challenges they face. Jaime devised innovative teaching methods and dedicated his time to helping the kids. The students were able to achieve success both in and out of class. This film is also for teachers. It encourages them to always believe in the abilities of their students.

Freedom Writers

Here is another educational and motivational movie that's worth a student's time. It is based on a true story. The film involves an inner-city high-school teacher who inspires students. In a world without hope, the teacher encourages the kids to overcome their struggles and unlock their full potential. It is among the best motivational movies ever created as well. It focuses more on leveraging the power of education. You can use it to break barriers and create space and opportunities that allow for professional and personal growth.


Good Will Hunting

Here is another motivational movie that students can learn from. It's an Oscar-winning film that shows a young man trying to survive through university. With his genius-level IQ, he still goes through various struggles in an effort to make a life for himself. The movie focuses on the importance of finding help and seeking the support of mentors. It is a great movie for students. It encourages them to take control of their own lives and follow their passions to become what they want.


The ones mentioned above are a few examples of educational and motivational movies. Students can watch and learn from them. There are also several other inspirational movies for students available. If you are looking to learn a particular subject or find some inspiration, there is a film out there for you. They are a great way of learning, staying motivated, and gaining new perspectives. Don't just watch movies. As a college student, make sure you learn from them as well.



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