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‘Emergency: NYC’ Netflix Series Review - A Lens in the Medical Field

This docuseries follows the frontline medical professionals of New York City as they balance the intensity of their work with their personal lives

Riya Singh - Tue, 28 Mar 2023 20:24:50 +0100 5211 Views
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“In the NYC area, there are approximately 2.7 million medical emergency calls made per year, that's nearly 300 calls every hour,” these are the opening lines of the series. It can make the viewers understand what the series is going to be about. Various phone conversations are heard, medics are seen dealing with emergencies, and helicopters are being used to transfer people.

The first case shown in Emergency NYC is that of Joshua. He is a 17-year-old boy who got into a fight and was shot. The boy is brought to Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Prince is seen handling his team as well as consoling Joshua’s mom. In the scene in which he hugs the lady, it can be felt how important is a doctor’s empathy toward the parents because they are also in pain after seeing their child suffer. 

The mother felt helpless in that case. They try to emphasize the fact that one bullet can take away all the love they have given to their child, and how a small piece of metal can make someone so helpless. Youths often get into fights without thinking about the consequences, without thinking about what’ll happen to their parents. This was a valuable lesson being delivered. 

After the COVID pandemic, there was less influx of patients at the hospital which aided the involved people in providing the best treatment. Due to the pandemic, people delayed getting their treatment which resulted in late diagnosis of disease and delayed interventions. People were stuck at home or were scared of coming to hospitals which in turn was responsible for many complications.

SkyHealth is helping people stuck in various situations by airlifting them to the nearest hospital. The hospitals including Cohen Children’s Medical Center, North Shore University, Lenox Hill Hospital, and others are seen dealing with various patients. This eight-episode long series, with an average duration of 40 minutes each shows us how doctors dealt with various conditions. 

Things are very serious when emergencies come to the hospital. In that situation also, the doctors act calmly and give their best. We see that in moments like these, not only the doctor and helping staff have to deal with the patient, but also the emotional factor associated. The relatives and parents need to be explained about the condition and the various procedure that they are doing.

The audience who have watched Lenox Hill will immediately recognize the various doctors who’ve been shown in the series as Emergency NYC has been made by the creators of the same series. We see Dr. John, Dr. Mirtha, and Dr. David handling all the cases very carefully and patiently. They hold various positions like Chairman and Vice Chairman in their respective departments. 

In my opinion, the series is a good watch for those individuals who are related to the medical field. The people who want to watch something just for entertainment, the series isn’t made for them. Emergency NYC has a limited audience and that is its major drawback. Plus, some surgery scenes have also been shown which might not be a suitable visual for everyone. 

The scenes are real, they deal with emergencies and other surgeries. Many medical terms have also been used which might not be understood by the normal audience. Trauma doctors' and first responders' daily lives have been shown. The people are being airlifted, and the 2487 dedication of the doctors toward their patients makes it worth a watch who are dreaming of entering the medical field and excelling in it. 

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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