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‘Farhana’ Movie Review - Not Good Enough

The movie follows a middle-class mother, who accepts a call center job for financial reasons, which provides her with freedom but also leads her into a web of dangers

Riya Singh - Sat, 08 Jul 2023 21:06:18 +0100 2572 Views
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Farhana starts with a man and woman making out in the car. The technique of making the screen black has been used often. While they were making out, the man almost lost control of his car and we thought that they’ll end up in an accident. This couple goes to a Halloween party where a stranger gets obsessed with the girl and wants to have her for himself.

After this, Farhana’s character is introduced. She is a religious woman and is married. The family is facing a lot of financial struggles because of which Farhana decided to take up a job. She gets employed in a bank with the role of selling credit cards. The woman is successful in achieving her targets. As she was in requirement of more money, Farhana shifted departments but, she didn't know what happened there. Upon discovering that this department is involved in having dirty talks with the customer, she was reluctant to do it at first. When a stranger starts having a good conversation with her which didn't include the size of her breasts or the color of the clothes she was wearing, she holds onto the job.

Never in her worst nightmare, she could have imagined the impact this man can bring on her life. Initially, the film seemed to have potential, but as it progressed, it lost its charm. This is a film that you have seen before and as the events unfold, the audience will know how it is going to end. There is nothing worth watching in Farhana and rather than spending your time on this one, you have better options. The duration of 180 minutes is a lot for a plot like this one. These days various good series and films are released which are far better.

Farhana’s character lacked depth and it could have been much better. They showed an innocent woman being preyed on. The same thing could be presented in a better manner. Those who have watched TV shows like Crime Patrol will feel that the makers randomly picked out one episode and made it into an excruciating long film. Just 40 to 50 minutes for the same plot would be better and would have done justice to the audience.

The hunter was lacking that aura that makes one pay attention to his next moves. A better casting would have done the job. You need evilness in the eyes of this character, but most of the time, his eyes were covered. He seemed like a 50-year-old man who had nothing else to do. A motive too would have been good rather than taking up a random stranger. If the villain was shown to have a motive, it would have still held the mystery instead, he was just a random psycho. The plot needed polishing and just picking up episodes of Crime Patrol doesn’t get your film to be good. The scenes of him following her or talking about her details weren’t convincing. Aishwarya Rajesh was good as Farhana, but the stalker needed a better actor.

Final Score – [4/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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