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‘Fenced In’ Netflix Movie Review - Not Making Into Any Top 10 Anywhere

The movie follows Walter, who moves to the countryside after a nervous breakdown, but his peaceful life is ruined when he meets his loud neighbors

Poornima Balsu - Thu, 01 Sep 2022 19:36:46 +0100 4250 Views
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Walter a middle-aged man decides to move to the countryside with his wife, away from the urban life, as he learns that he suffered from some medical conditions. The only thing he wanted was a quiet and peaceful environment, but that was not in store for him in his new neighborhood.

Fenced in is a Portuguese comedy movie that focuses on the lives of two families who are neighbors. The quiet neighborhood that Walter assumed it to be while he moved in ends up being the noisiest one he has ever lived in. The situations in the movie distribute a lot of comedy scenes and dialogues, which can be considered a standout. Walter’s neighbors called Tony, and his wife Kelly are extremely loud with their parties, musical instruments, and wild animal pets they own. The movie forms as Walter and his wife continue to adjust to their new noisy life.

The storyline of the movie, although quite simple, cannot be categorized as something great. This is definitely a one-time watch and hasn’t gone overboard with its storyline or characters. The characters grow closer over time, and the ending of the movie does reflex their evolvement.

Fenced In has quite possibly missed the essence it was supposed to carry since it doesn’t deliver what it could have. The movie has just focused on showing Walter dealing with the neighbors and how one unorganized family can ruin the peace of its neighbors, and it cannot be termed as an entertaining film for the whole of 1.50 minutes. The movie does not contain any unexpected twists or surprises and hence has a very static flow.

The movie's setting is a colorful neighborhood with lots of greenery and beautiful countryside houses. Nonetheless, the movie contains extremely chaotic situations and scenes which can become monotonous and uninteresting. The movie has failed to focus more on the characters and has fully attempted to focus on the situations, which have not given a positive effect on the movie. The movie has gone with an abundance of silly humor and slapstick comedy which are easy to follow. The characters too are portrayed in fancy and funky outfits, which goes very well with the theme of the movie.

It is certainly a family movie and can be watched by anyone of any age group since it is a subgenre. Fenced In can be boxed into the comedy category, but it will definitely not make up for the top 10 comedy films as it misses out on a lot.

Final Score – [5.5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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