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FX Limited Series ‘Shōgun’ Officially Begins Filming [Exclusive]

‘Shōgun’ is based on James Clavell’s bestselling novel, which is also called Game of Thrones set in feudal Japan

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Upcoming FX limited series ‘Shogun’ has officially begun production today (September 22) in Vancouver, BC. The series is expected to complete filming by the end of April 2022.

The 10-episode limited series is also advertised as Game of Thrones in feudal Japan. The producer of Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones director Tim Van Patten is producing the series. Jonathan van Tulleken is set to direct the first few episodes of the series.

Based on James Clavell’s bestselling novel, Shogun stars Hiroyuki Sanada as Yoshii Toranaga and Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne in the leading roles, along with another female actor as Lady Mariko, whose name is yet to be revealed.

Shogun follows Englishman John Blackthorne, who after being lost at sea awakens Nippon. Thrown into the confined society of seventeenth-century Japan, where the border between life and death is razor-thin, Blackthorne must negotiate not just a strange people with unfamiliar customs and language, but also his conceptions of morality, truth, and freedom. As internal political unrest and cultural clashes seem to inevitably lead to conflict, Blackthorne's loyalties and character are put to the test by both passion and grief, and he is divided between two universes that will each be forever transformed. Yoshii Toranaga, a cunning, strong daimyo at conflict with his dangerous political opponents, and Lady Mariko, a woman with invaluable skills but shameful family ties who must show her worth and loyalty.

Counterpart creator and writer of Disney live-action Jungle Book Justin Marks wrote the FX adaptation with his wife, Rachel Kondo. Marks executive produces with late author Clavell’s daughter, Michaela Clavell. Kondo co-executive produces.

Shōgun will premiere in 2022 on FX on Hulu in the US, Disney Plus in the UK, and Hotstar in India.

Below is the character description of the cast:

Yoshii Toranaga played by Hiroyuki Sanada is a living legend. In the story, he is a strong daimyo from a dreaded family, isolated and outnumbered by his foes in Osaka Castle. But no one realizes Toranaga is a superb strategist, a master of the long game, and the ultimate decider of Japan's fate.

John Blackthorne played by Cosmo Jarvis is a restless English pilot in search of a destiny far from the world he was born into. His mission is to forge a path into the Pacific islands and disrupt Portuguese and Spanish interests in Japan. But Blackthorne finds more than he bargained for when his ship washes ashore within the territory of Toranaga, a deadly warlord who becomes his captor and spiritual mentor.

FX first announced Shōgun in 2018. Several months later, the series began pre-production in Japan, then a few weeks later, it was put on hold. Earlier, the plan was to shoot the series in Japan, which became difficult due to COVID.



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