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‘Gold Brick’ (2023) Netflix Movie Review - A Fragrant But Faint Comedy

Gold Brick is a French comedy about a perfume heist gone wrong. The film is fun and witty, but also predictable and shallow.

Arpita Mondal - Thu, 06 Jul 2023 17:46:06 +0100 3334 Views
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Gold Brick is a 2023 French film directed by Julien Rappeneau and starring Raphaël Quenard, Vincent Cassel, Léa Drucker, and Camille Cottin. The film is set in Chartres, a city known for its perfume industry and its cathedral. The film follows the exploits of Daniel Sauveur, a young man who works at the Breuil factory, a major perfume group owned by a rich and powerful family. Daniel decides to steal and resell the perfumes online, hoping to get revenge on the Breuils and make some profit. The film is a humorous and satirical take on the themes of class, corruption, and capitalism.

The film surprises you with its humor and charm. It has a simple plot that is enriched by the details and the characters. The film does not shy away from showing the social and economic inequalities that exist in the town, but it also does not preach or moralize. It lets the viewers decide who to root for and who to despise.

The film benefits from the performance of Raphaël Quenard as Daniel Sauveur, who brings charisma and energy to his role. He makes us care about his character, even when he does questionable things. He also has good chemistry with his co-stars, especially his childhood friend Scania, played by Léa Drucker. The film also features some memorable scenes, such as the opening sequence with the reggae music and the truck chase, or the final confrontation between Daniel and Patrick Breuil, played by Vincent Cassel.

It sometimes relies on clichés and stereotypes, such as the evil rich family or the loyal sidekick. It also has some pacing issues, as it drags in some parts and rushes in others. The film could have explored more of the background and motivation of some of the characters, such as Patrick Breuil or Daniel’s love interest, played by Camille Cottin. The film also does not offer much originality or innovation in terms of style or technique.

The film also suffers from a lack of realism and credibility, as some of the situations and actions are too far-fetched or convenient. For example, Daniel and his friends manage to steal and sell the perfumes without much difficulty or suspicion, and they never face any serious consequences or risks. The film also glosses over some of the ethical and moral implications of their actions, such as the impact on the other workers or the customers.

The movie also fails to deliver a satisfying or meaningful ending, as it leaves many questions unanswered and loose ends untied. For example, we never learn what happens to Daniel and his friends after their heist, or how the Breuils react to their loss. The film also does not offer any resolution or closure for some of the subplots, such as the romance between Daniel and Camille, or the rivalry between Patrick and his sister. The film ends on a vague and ambiguous note, leaving me unsatisfied and frustrated.

Gold Brick is a film that is like a perfume bottle: it looks nice, but it is empty inside. It is a film that has a good scent, but it does not linger. It is a film that has a catchy name, but it does not live up to it. It is a film that has a lot of ingredients, but it does not blend well. It is a film that has a high price, but it does not have a high value. It is a film that has a lot of potential, but it does not have a lot of impact. It is a film that you can sniff, but not savor.

Final Score – [4/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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