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‘Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance’ Netflix Series Review - Making Most of the Opportunities

The series follows a 14-year-old USA gymnast, who arrives in Australia to try and win a scholarship at an elite Gymnastics Academy for the last time

Riya Singh - Wed, 21 Sep 2022 18:02:59 +0100 7711 Views
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In her previous game, Kyra couldn’t perform a full turn and ended up injuring her knees. Not long after that, she gets offered a scholarship in Australia, where three-week trials will be held first. Her coaches helped her a lot, and she was able to recover from her injury. The series mainly covers that three-week time and how it ended up changing so many individuals.

In the Corega Gymnastics Academy, not all people were good. It is sort of mandatory to at least have one villain who can push our hero to do his/her best. Here, there weren’t just one but two villains. A supportive environment has been shown in this series that is completely focused on the lead- Kyra’s journey. Jada-Lee Henry has done a wonderful job playing Kyra. Her character radiates positivity. There are a lot of things that the audience can learn from Kyra.

Kyra is a girl who was injured, and this means a great deal in the world of sports. Starting from ground zero is not an easy thing to do and takes a lot of effort. She was ready to put in all her efforts and hard work. Some girls around her were very competitive, but instead of taking that in the wrong way, she took it as a motivation. Also, the importance she gave to her parents despite being far away from them was great to see. She can often be spotted clicking pictures and making videos so that her parents don’t feel her absence.

Maddy and Jaimi, coaches at Coreegan Academy are very helpful. Even after her professional hours, Maddy is always ready to help her students. This is the dedication one shows for the things one loves as time is never a restraint for your passion.

With ten short episodes, this series is here to win your hearts. There are no wicked twists, just a sweet plot that will melt your heart. The dedication Kyra put into her sport can be seen in her consistency. As she had no coach earlier, she knew that this was her chance to shine. She didn’t let that opportunity pass by and made the most of it.

Overall, it is a great series to watch. People who have been sportspersons in the past or even now can relate to the series and the things that have been shown. In my opinion, you should watch this series. Even children can watch this one as nothing objectionable has been included.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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