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HBO’s ‘The Regime’ Episode 1 Review - Meet the Chancellor

In the first episode, as Elena prepares for Victory Day, a tired Zubak arrives at the Palace, where he hears of the chancellor’s stringent health necessities.

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When we first meet Elena Vernham (Kate Winslet), we notice a round-shaped light shining like a halo behind her. Elena, though, is not a wise saint. She is full of herself. Follow these rules if you are in her presence: Lips must be sealed, short breaths must be taken, and it would be nice if most of your replies go along the lines of, "Yes, ma'am, you are right, ma'am." Elena is so careful about her surroundings that she hires Corporal Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts) to measure moisture, to keep humidity in check. With a measuring device in his hand, Zubak walks with Elena and reports the readings instantly when ordered.

At first, you think Elena has all these careful arrangements because she is spoiled and arrogant. She could be obsessed with her appearance. Elena, after all, looks gorgeous - the human equivalent of a precious artifact no one has ever touched. She always looks presentable. Perhaps even dirt and dust are scared of this woman. But then, you realize Elena has a condition that puts her at risk of developing a lung disease - something she inherited from her father. The father, now dead, is seen lying inside a glass box. Elena visits him with trite flowers. Their little chat will put a smile on your face.

Another chat, which tells us how Elena met Nicky (Guillaume Gallienne), her husband, is both funny and scary. The Regime itself - in this first episode - tilts more towards humor. The clean, colorful walls, the Dutch angles, and the lively delivery of dialogues should have put you in a state of amusement. Yet, everything feels weirdly cold, curiously off. You can almost hear the show telling you when to smile and when to laugh. But you remain detached from the on-screen events.

I was surprised by the swiftness with which Zubak became close to Elena. They come in each other's dreams (really?) and, after a brief period of separation, become closer to one another. Still, nothing can prepare you (and shock you) more than the sight of a short-haired Andrea Riseborough. It took me a few seconds to recognize her. In an episode where many things don't work, Riseborough elicits chuckles from us simply through her appearance.

Final Score - [5/10]



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