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‘HollyBlood’ Netflix Movie Review - A Teen Vegan Vampire Comedy!

The movie follows a shy teen, who masquerades as a vampire desperate to win the affection of his crush, unaware that a real immortal is lurking in the background

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 07 Sep 2022 14:16:49 +0100 6055 Views
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Javi, a new student in high school has a crush on his classmate named Sara. Sara is a huge vampire fan and deeply believes in the existence of vampires. Javi who is a shy-natured guy talks to Sara as Lidia in a chat room and becomes friends with her. For wooing Sara, Javi makes her believe that he is a vampire. This lie leads to a series of happenings where the characters are unaware of the real vampire that exists between them.

HollyBlood is the newly released Spanish movie on Netflix that caters to the genres of teen romance, comedy, horror, and slight bits of parodical elements. The film is an impeccable mix of all the above-mentioned themes but still fails to entertain us to the fullest. It has not only focused on the story of the two characters but also has given importance to the characters individually and their back story or beliefs. Nonetheless, there is nothing that can be called an entertaining factor in the film. This one-time watchable consists of elements from different horror or vampire-themed movies and have pretty much nothing new for the audience. The actor who played Javi's father is the only character who sort of gives justice to the comedy element in the movie as he delivers some situational jokes occasionally.

The movie albeit including the three different genres has fully succeeded in efficiently portraying the genres. Be it the horror, the vampire theme, or the comedy, it reflects like the movie has included these just for the sake of it as it does not do full justice or authentically portray any of the themes up to the mark.

It does have a little suspense towards the climax of the movie but keeping that apart there is nothing much which is worth watching in this movie. The whole movie is an example of poor execution of all three genres. The movie has certainly stuck to its plot line and has not deviated, but the lack of entertaining factors has made it ‘not a must-watch movie.

The movie has brought in comedy elements that are connected with the vampire theme as they talk about vegan vampires and more. The movie can be considered a parody theme of the existing vampire or horror movies.

HollyBlood is one of those movies, if you approach it with the right amount of expectations, then it can certainly be entertaining for you. It’s a decent watch for teenage audiences who have loved the Vampire Diaries or movies like The Nun. It can be watched as time passes but certainly nothing more!

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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