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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Review - Dead Eye

The seventh episode of House of the Dragon is set in the aftermath of Laena’s death as House Targaryen and Velaryon reunite to mourn her

Vikas Yadav - Mon, 03 Oct 2022 09:12:57 +0100 4692 Views
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Given the multiple deaths that occurred last week in House of the Dragons, it comes as no surprise that the seventh episode begins with a quiet and somber tone as characters gather at Laena's funeral. Tensions simmer, and glances are exchanged as the camera tracks everyone with a humorless gaze. I am not sure how much time has passed since the events that took place in the previous episode, but there are some things that are told to us right away.

Remember Otto Hightower? He has once again got his position as the Hand of the King. I wonder how that happened. Was Viserys unable to find anyone else? Was he tricked into choosing Otto again? Jace questions Rhaenyra why there aren't mourning Harwin's death. Helaena avoids the people around her and instead prefers to sing songs to spiders. Viserys continues to look physically weak, and every week I wonder if this would be that episode where he would finally cease to exist.

The narrative pace is slow at first but rises gradually to a peak as the episode progresses. Aemond's bonding with Vhagar shows how much power he has gained by taming a huge and strong dragon. That win comes with a cost: An eye. Aemond has become an arrogant brute, and things have only gotten worse with Vhagar on his side. Baela and Rhaena are furious at him for taking the dragon, and rightfully so. The poor girls have lost their mother, and now, a heartless kid is stealing away a part of her. Moreover, Rhaena thought Vhagar would naturally pass to her. A fight ensues where Aemond calls Rhaenyra's sons bastards, and in return, a furious Jace cuts one of his eyes with a knife. The scene is expertly choreographed, and the intensity generated is carried forward to the next scene with the adults.

Alicent demands an eye for an eye, but Viserys wants the children to shake hands, apologize and move on. Viserys' blindness is accentuated when Rhaenyra openly mentions the rumor regarding the lineage of her sons. You think perhaps now he would see the truth, but Viserys' vision seems to be completely fogged up. Much to Alicent's dismay, Viserys supports his daughter. The Queen loses her calm and attacks Rhaenyra with a knife. Oh, what a sight it is! Watching these ladies in action is thrilling, especially because it breaks the image of a demure Alicent. Seeing her in rage mode is both surprising and exhilarating.

And finally, Rhaenyra and Daemon get married. They first have sex on the sand, and by the end, they plan their marriage. How do they pull it off? By killing and burning Laenor in the fire. Well, this is not what exactly happens here. The corpse found at the end belongs to someone else, as Laenor sails away with Carl towards a happy life. Another week, another thrilling episode. One can say that House of the Dragon is a gift that keeps on giving.

Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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