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‘Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso’ Netflix Review - A Chilling Documentary on a Cyanide Poisoning

This Netflix documentary explores the case of Jessica Wongso who was accused of murdering her best friend, Wayan Mirna Salihin, in a cold-blooded cyanide poisoning

Arpita Mondal - Thu, 28 Sep 2023 18:06:41 +0100 2735 Views
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What would you do if your best friend was accused of murdering another friend with a lethal dose of cyanide? Would you believe it or not? Would you stand by them or not? These are some of the questions that the Netflix documentary Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso poses to the viewers as it unravels one of the most sensational murder cases in Indonesia.

The documentary begins with a brief overview of the case and then introduces the two main protagonists: Wayan Mirna Salihin and Jessica Wongso. Salihin was a young barista at a cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was described as being kind, gentle, and well-liked by everyone who knew her. Wongso was a close friend and colleague of Salihin's. She was a successful businesswoman, and she was known for being intelligent and ambitious.

On January 6, 2016, Salihin and Wongso went out for coffee together at the cafe where they both worked. After drinking a cup of iced Vietnam coffee, Salihin began to feel ill. She collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The autopsy revealed that Salihin had been poisoned with cyanide. The police immediately launched an investigation, and they quickly focused their attention on Jessica Wongso. Wongso had been the last person to see Salihin alive, and she had been seen leaving the cafe shortly after Salihin collapsed.

Wongso was arrested and charged with murder. She pleaded not guilty, and the trial began in June 2016. The prosecution presented a strong case, and they were able to produce evidence that showed that Wongso had purchased cyanide and that she had placed it in Salihin's coffee.

The documentary does an excellent job of laying out the facts of the case, from the initial discovery of Salihin's body to the subsequent investigation and trial. It also provides insights into the lives of the two women involved and the complex relationship they shared.

The film is well-made and well-researched, with a clear narrative structure and a captivating style. The director uses various techniques to create suspense and intrigue, such as dramatic music, slow-motion shots, zoom-ins, and voice-overs. The interviews are informative and engaging, revealing different perspectives and opinions on the case. The footage is shocking and disturbing, showing the gruesome details of the crime and its aftermath.

One of the things that makes Ice Cold so compelling is its focus on the evidence. The filmmakers have done a meticulous job of gathering and analyzing all of the available information, and they present it in a way that is clear and concise. This allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the case, without being swayed by the opinions of others.

I was particularly struck by the documentary's portrayal of Jessica Wongso. She is a complex and intriguing figure, and the filmmakers did a good job of exploring her different facets. They showed her to be both charming and manipulative, intelligent and cold-blooded.

I was also impressed by the documentary's examination of the social and cultural context of the case. It showed how the murder of Wayan Mirna Salihin rocked Indonesian society, and how it sparked a debate about the role of women and the nature of friendship.

The film is not for the faint-hearted or for those who are looking for a definitive answer to what really happened on that fateful day. The film is for those who are interested in true crime stories human drama and social issues. The film is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about this notorious murder case that shocked and divided a nation.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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