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Israel Kills Hundreds of Starving Palestinians by Using Food Aid Trucks as Bait in Gaza

In the early morning, just before sunrise, multiple aid trucks were used by the IDF to lure thousands of Palestinians into the open to massacre them.

Bradley - Thu, 29 Feb 2024 19:45:33 +0000 7514 Views
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I regret the moment when I thought Zionists could not be more cruel than this when they blocked humanitarian aid forcing the Palestinians to starve. They are worse than what I imagined. Today they crossed all the barriers of evil when they lured thousands of starving Palestinians in Gaza using aid trucks carrying food as bait. As thousands of starving men, women, and children rushed to get the essentials, the evil Zionist army IDF opened fire from tanks and drones killing and injuring thousands of them.

The incident happened early morning this Thursday when a few food aid trucks entered the northern Gaza Strip. The starving people of Gaza currently facing a cruel Israeli genocide sponsored by the US and UK felt a sigh of relief seeing those trucks, what they didn't realize was that they were set up as bait to get slaughtered. In the early hours of the morning when the sun was about to rise, the IDF allowed these trucks to enter knowing very well that the starving people would approach it with force. The starving Palestinians took the bait as the Zionist army started shooting them with Tanks and drones killing hundreds of them.

As of now, more than 150 Palestinians are dead while more than 800 are injured and half of them are severely injured and might not make it due to lack of healthcare facilities in a place that is facing a brutal genocide.

This brutal massacre is widely celebrated by Zionist supporters across social media and Twitter (X). Soon after this flour massacre, one of the staunch Zionist genocide supporter Mossad Commentary confirmed that IDF opened fire on the starving Palestinians because they thought the starving Palestinians would hurt their tanks with their bare weak hands.

The Zionist supporters are boasting about this massacre claiming that Palestinians found out. As usual, they are blaming Hamas for this incident as if IDF is controlled by Hamas. More than 30 thousands of Palestinians are killed in this brutal genocide. One thing is now clear, Zionists are anything but human. The cruelty they show, the sympathy they expect, oh their audacity!



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