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‘Ivy + Bean: The Ghost That Had to Go’ Netflix Movie Review - Ghostly Affairs

The movie follows Ivy and Bean, who orchestrate a ritual that will free the school from the ghost after they discover the school bathroom is haunted

Riya Singh - Sun, 04 Sep 2022 10:01:06 +0100 6866 Views
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First, it was putting a never-ending dancing spell on Nancy, and now this time Ivy and Bean are ready to scare away the ghosts from their school bathroom. These kids are having the time of their lives. The school life of Ivy and Bean has been shown in this film which is 61 minutes long. Upon reaching the bathroom, Ivy experiences a cold wind and hears some eerie sounds. Another day, when they were all on the ground she again notices some spirits coming out of the vent of the bathroom. When she shared her suspicions with her friends, they shut her down by saying that it was just the smoke.

Ivy’s suspicions were confirmed gradually, and she informed Bean about the same. They eventually told their friends and started a mission of ghost evacuation. Initially, nobody supported them, but after being presented with proof, everyone got on their side.

Nancy is still obsessed with getting her ear pierced. There’s another thing that has caught her attention recently, and that is the great collection of adjectives the principal of the school Mrs. Noble uses. Being the Middle School Student Council President, Nancy doesn’t leave any stone unturned in her attempts to impress the principal. She can also be spotted carrying a thesaurus with her. 

Earlier, it was Mrs. Trantz in the role of the villain, and this time, Mrs. Noble can be seen playing that part. She’s not friendly with the children and punishes them for unnecessary reasons. It's her shoe collection that she adores the most. Mrs. Trantz wore unique clothes, and then, in the second film, we have Mrs. Noble with her flashy and feathery shoes.

The best part of this film is the deep friendship shared between Ivy and Bean. They both trust each other completely and won’t ever leave each other’s side. However wrong the situation is, they have got each other back. Moreover, when punished for their mistakes, these little girls want to face them together.

Again, we get to see Ivy in her ‘witchy’ dress. She’s amazing with her magic spells and believes that she can change the world. If anyone like Ms. Auba-Tate tells her to stop spreading lies about ghosts, she won’t stop as she believes in herself. Ivy and Bean’s friend initially didn’t believe them when they said that there are ghosts, but in the end, they all unite for a common cause and that was to free their school of these otherworldly creatures. 

Based on the books written by Annie Barrows, Ivy + Bean movies are here to become the best friend of your children. There are no bad words or misbehavior, just adventures. So, this is a great choice for the kids. Overall, just go for this movie as it will never bore you. The audience will be left star-stricken by the efforts that have been put in by the child artists. At a such young age, learning the dialogues (which sometimes had difficult words) and then delivering such a performance is extraordinary.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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