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‘Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams’ Netflix Series Review - Peak of Absurdity

A total of 7 episodes explore the lives of people and their mysterious encounters.

Neerja Choudhuri - Fri, 14 Jun 2024 11:09:04 +0100 1213 Views
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When you start watching the first episode of Joko Anwar's series, you're immediately captivated. The show kicks off with a perfect blend of mystery and an eerie atmosphere that draws you in, compelling you to continue watching. However, as you delve deeper into the series, you begin to notice that it isn't as intriguing as it first seemed.

The plot of Joko Anwar's series spans a total of seven episodes, each one telling a unique story about a different character. The first episode introduces us to Panji and his small family. Panji's mother suffers from dementia, and despite their reluctance, he and his wife decide to place her in a luxurious old age home that caters to wealthy individuals. This decision raises a puzzling question: why would such an upscale facility accept Panji's mother, who has only ever worked as a cook?

This is where the story starts to take a dark turn. The seemingly incongruous acceptance of Panji’s mother into the high-end home hints at hidden motives and secrets, setting the stage for the unsettling events that follow. As the episodes unfold, the narrative explores the lives of other characters, each entangled in their own web of mystery and suspense, gradually revealing a larger, interconnected story.

Through this structure, Joko Anwar weaves a complex tapestry of intrigue, where each episode adds a piece to the overarching puzzle, introducing viewers to a deeper and more sinister world.

This is just one of the episodes, and there are six more to follow. For example, the second episode follows the story of an orphan adopted by a poor couple. This orphan gets wealth from his new parents, but how? Is this boy even for real?

Unfortunately, none of the plots manage to feel compelling, leaving viewers with a sense of incompleteness and dissatisfaction. While there is a clear attempt to create a spooky, haunting, and horror-driven atmosphere throughout the series, it ultimately falls short of achieving that goal.

Each episode introduces a new set of characters and scenarios, aiming to build suspense and deliver chills. Despite the initial promise and eerie setups, the stories often lack depth and fail to develop in a way that fully engages the audience. The narrative threads, though varied and unique, do not weave together into a cohesive or satisfying whole. This fragmented approach leaves many questions unanswered and plotlines unresolved.

Moreover, the horror elements, intended to evoke fear and tension, often miss the mark. Instead of delivering genuine scares or a pervasive sense of dread, the episodes tend to rely on predictable tropes and superficial thrills. This results in a series that, while occasionally intriguing, does not consistently deliver the spine-chilling experience that fans of the genre crave.

In the end, the series struggles to maintain the captivating allure it initially promises. The stories, though individually interesting in concept, fail to coalesce into a memorable or impactful series, resulting in an overall sense of disappointment.

If you are a horror/mystery fan, you can watch the show. It can serve as a one-time watch. But when you speak about horror or mystery genre, there are much better ones that exist. This one fails to create the spark.

Final Score- [5/10]
Reviewed by - Neerja Choudhuri
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