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‘Love in the villa’ Netflix Movie Review - A Romantic Comedy in the City of Love!

The movie follows a young woman, who takes a trip to Verona, Italy, after her breakup, only to discover that her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger

Poornima Balsu - Thu, 01 Sep 2022 19:07:34 +0100 4235 Views
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Julie (played by Kat Graham) a young woman who is a teacher to third-grade students, is an extreme doter of Romeo and Juliet and has been wanting to visit the city of Verona, Italy for the longest time. As time proceeds we see her heartbroken from her relationship of four years and in a dilemma about whether to perpetuate her dream trip or not.

As Julie continues with her dream vacation, she learns about the double booking of the villa, and she ends up in a situation where she has to share the villa with a man called Charlie (played by Tom Hopper), a British man who keeps visiting Verona annually. The two go through a couple of disagreements only to find love in each other later on. But it definitely is not an easy way.

The film is certainly not going anywhere unexpected, and this rom-com Netflix movie has certainly gone into the cliché storyline of romedy. This type of story has certainly been done before and probably done better but what makes it different is that it is set in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

The storyline, however, is quite predictable therefore it is just a one-time watchable movie. The two main characters trying to make peace with the situation do offer us a couple of amusing dialogues and scenes. But keeping that aside there isn’t anything extraordinary that the movie has to offer.

The movie has been set in Verona, hence giving the audience a wonderful virtual sight of beautiful Italy. The movie has not missed out on exhibiting the tourist cultures of the city, the food, and also the vibe of the Italians. The movie has been accompanied by some delightful songs all sung in Italian as the characters develop their story. The fresh and summery backdrop of Italy that the movie has utilized is something to be appreciated for sure.

The movie was hence standout only in those components where it gives us a virtual tour of Italy through the characters. The film has correctly caught the charm of Italy. The movie also gives a glimpse into the character's thoughts on destiny, choosing the ‘right one’ as they talk about love in the city of love. Although a one-time watchable, this movie should be a good choice for everyone who loves to see Italy and its beauty and also those who love the ever-great Romeo and Juliet.

Nevertheless, the film has done full justice to the cliché rom-com genre and also has some great dialogue which the viewers can look forward to towards the ending of the movie.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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