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Marvel Studios ‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 4 Review - A Shocking Family Reunion

In Episode 4, Fury discovers his wife and son are Skrulls in a thrilling episode that reveals the true identity of the enemy leader.

Arpita Mondal - Wed, 12 Jul 2023 10:58:26 +0100 2347 Views
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Secret Invasion, the latest Marvel series on Disney+, has been a thrilling ride so far. The fourth episode of Secret Invasion is a game-changer for the series. It revealed the true identity of one of the main characters and set up a climactic showdown for the final two episodes. Here's what happened in Secret Invasion Episode 4, and why it was so shocking and amazing.

The episode begins with a flashback to four years ago when Fury was on vacation on a Skrull spaceship. He is greeted by Talos and his wife Soren, who tells him that his wife, who he thought was dead for years, is actually alive and well. She is also a Skrull, named Sonya Falsworth, who has been posing as Fury’s wife since they met. She also reveals that they have a son, named Marcus, who is half-human and half-Skrull.

The flashback ends, and we return to the present day, where Fury and his team are still hunting down Gravik, the leader of the Skrull rebels who want to conquer Earth. Gravik has enhanced himself with Extremis, a serum that gives him superpowers and allows him to mimic the abilities of other superheroes.

Fury and his team track down Gravik to an abandoned warehouse, where he holds Ross hostage. Fury agrees to trade himself for Ross, but he secretly tells Sonya to stay behind and find a way to stop Gravik.

Fury meets Gravik face-to-face and tries to reason with him. He tells him that he knows his real name: Ritson, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was secretly a Skrull sleeper agent. Gravik says that Sonya is his enemy, who has been feeding information to the Skrull High Council all along. He also says that Marcus is a weapon, designed to be the ultimate hybrid of human and Skrull DNA.

Fury refuses to believe Gravik’s words and says that he loves Sonya and Marcus more than anything. He says that they are his family and that he will protect them at any cost. He then attacks Gravik with his energy shield.

Meanwhile, Sonya sneaks into the warehouse, where she frees Ross. She then activates a device on her wrist, which sends a signal to Marcus, who transforms into Fury and runs into the warehouse.

He arrives just in time to save Fury from Gravik, and they fight him together. They use their energy shields to knock him down and pin him to the ground. Fury and Marcus then reveal their true identities and tell Gravik that he has been fooled. They say that Sonya is a double agent, who has been working with them to stop the Skrull rebels. They also say that Marcus is a hero, who has inherited the best qualities of both his parents. They say that they are a family and that they will always stand together. Gravik is stunned by this twist and realizes that he has been outsmarted and defeated. He tries to escape, but Sonya shoots him with a tranquilizer dart.

The episode ends with Fury and his team celebrating their victory and arresting Gravik. They also contact Fury Jr., who is leading the Avengers in New York, and tell him that they have stopped the Skrull invasion. Fury Jr. congratulates them and says that he wants to meet his brother Marcus soon.

Fury then tells his team that they have done a great job and that he is proud of them. He also says that they have become a family and that he will always be there for them. He then smiles, and says that he has a surprise for them: he has booked a vacation for them on a Skrull spaceship.

It revealed that Fury's wife was a Skrull all along and that they had a son who was half-human and half-Skrull. This was a huge twist in Fury's character arc, as it showed that he had a secret life and family that he never knew about. It also added a new layer of complexity to his relationship with Sonya, who had been lying to him for years, but also loved him sincerely.

It revealed that Gravik was actually Ritson, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was secretly a Skrull sleeper agent. This was another twist for the show's theme of trust and betrayal, as it showed that Gravik had a personal connection with Fury, who had trusted him as a friend and colleague. It also showed that Gravik had been manipulated by the Skrull rebels into becoming their leader.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 was a game-changing episode for the series, as it revealed the true identities of some of the main characters, and set up a climactic showdown for the final two episodes. It delivered an exciting action-packed story with emotional depth and character development. The episode balanced the flashback scenes with the present-day scenes perfectly, giving us insight into Fury's past and present relationships. The episode also showcased the skills and personalities of each member of Fury's team, making us care more about them. It had some stunning visual effects and cinematography, especially in the scenes where Gravik used his Super-Skrull powers to mimic other superheroes. The episode also had some great fight choreography and stunts, especially in the final showdown between Fury/Marcus and Gravik.

Final Score - [7/10]



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