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MGM+ ‘FROM’ Season 2 Episode 4 Review - The Truth Reveals Itself

The fourth episode titled, This Way Gone follows Boyd as his condition gets more alarming, while Sara’s return puts him in a tight spot

Bradley - Sun, 14 May 2023 19:36:53 +0100 2053 Views
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No matter how much you try to hide the truth, it always comes out. This is what happens in the fourth episode of FROM Season 2, which sees the return of Sara to the town.

The episode picks up at the same point where the third episode ended when Kenny found Sara. Kenny informs Boyd that Sara has returned and he has locked her in the basement of the church. Boyd doesn't waste any time and goes straight to meet her. She explains that she also jumped inside the tree just after Boyd did, while Boyd ended up in a confined space within a well, she returned to the church's basement in the town. She also tells him that she hasn't been anywhere outside after returning. Boyd also asks how she knew that the tree is a portal that will lead to a different place. Sara tells about the boy she has been seeing (imagining), and how he guided them to safety.

The episode mainly focuses on Boyd and how he is feeling the burden to save Sara after she saved his life out in the forest. However, Kenny is hell-bent on locking Sara inside the box, but Boyd shuts him up. Just while Boyd was exiting the church after a heated conversation with Kenny, he faints and ends up in the clinic.

Meanwhile, Jim has left the clinic and explains to Tabitha how he knew that the house is going to collapse. He told her about the voice on the radio that warned or threatened him almost 20 minutes before the collapse. Jim then meets Donna, who shuts him up and tells him to shut his mouth about the voice on the radio that warned them. However, Jim insisted on getting the radio back.

It is fair to say that this episode didn't expand the story by much. We also didn't get to know much about the new arrivals as it only showed Randall behaving the way he does, only this time, Donna had enough as she decides to force him to stay the night inside the Bus.

As said earlier, the majority of this episode focuses on Boyd as he starts having some hallucinations and he starts to doubt himself whether it is right to keep the reason of Kenny's father's death from him. But in the end, it wasn't him who spoke the truth and revealed it to Kenny. Although Sara already knew the consequences, she herself confessed that it was her fault that Kenny's father is dead.

The episodes ended with teasing a big rift between Boyd and Kenny as both of them confronted each other. Kenny gave up his sheriff badge and tells Boyd that Sara is going in the box, and no one is gonna stop it from happening.

Overall, the episode may seem like a filler, but it has set up the upcoming episodes to be more exciting. The next episode is likely to divide the town as some or majority would want Sara to be boxed while Boyd and a few others may think the opposite. The rift will be out in the open, and Sara will be at the center of this chaos. I definitely can't wait for the next few episodes, while also hoping that it will pick up the pace.

Final Score - [7/10]



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