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‘MIU404’ Netflix Series Review - A Fun and Intriguing Watch!

The series follows an analytical detective, who is partnered with an impulsive officer who never thinks before he acts in a police unit focused on solving crimes in 24 hours

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 18 Jan 2023 17:35:38 +0000 13993 Views
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MIU404 is a Japanese drama that was released in the year 2020. This Japanese drama has 11 episodes, each with a run time of 58-44 minutes. This drama has crime and suspense as its genres and is quite exciting to watch.

MIU (Mobile Investigation Unit) is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Unit’s initial responder to any criminal activities that happen in the city. The MIU team will only have around 4 days to solve a case before it gets handed to other specialized departments. The entire story in the drama happens around the MIU department and its officers and the daily lives they live. The series shows us different types of cases that the officers have to take up, the way they solve the cases, etc.

The characters and the music in the drama are something that the viewers can look forward to. More than the plotline, the drama seems to have excelled in these two areas. The actors have done a splendid job of delivering the bond between the characters. The chemistry between the characters seems natural and fun, and we will find ourselves rooting for each one of them. As the drama progresses, we will also see visible growth/ character development. The bond between the characters becomes much stronger and closer, especially between the characters. For example, Kazumi Shima is an intelligent officer with good communication skills who had to partner up with a police officer named Ai Ibuki, who does not have any experience as a detective. Therefore, the bond that these two forms are interesting to watch.

The storyline also includes exciting parts because of the cases the characters solve. At some point, we might find repetitive coincidences which are helping the characters solve the cases and that might make the plot seem a little unrealistic. Apart from this, the drama is very much interesting to watch as it involves good music, interesting characters, and also a captivating villain. Even though the drama can give a mysterious vibe, the fun characters balance out everything.

The OST used in the drama is another outstanding element the series offers its viewers. The OST by Kenshi Yonezu is one of the best songs that we get among the other songs in this drama. There are also a lot of heart-warming moments that the storyline brings other than the suspenseful twists.

Each episode has different cases to solve therefore it might seem like the entire plot is disconnected from each other, but everything starts to make sense as the story progresses. Each episode leaves a clue for the bigger picture yet to be revealed and this makes the entire series intriguing/fun to watch. The story shows how crimes are treated in Japanese society and also how the hierarchy of the police in society, especially in Japan works.

Overall, MIU404 is a heartfelt, hilarious and extraordinary drama to watch. Even though it does not contain something extremely different, it definitely has tried to show its own unique charms. From the dramatics to the suspense included, the drama will entertain you in all aspects therefore surely give it a try!

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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