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Movie Night: 5 Funniest Movies to Watch in College

Looking for a rib-tickling comedy for your movie night in college? For moviesr.net readers, Tutor John W from DoMyEssay shares a list of the funniest films that all students will love!

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While in college, most students have 100% of their time busy with school and homework. Striving for academic excellence, young people work hard and refuse many things, including rest.

But working for wear and tear every day is incredibly exhausting. Sometimes, you might just want to have professional paper writers write my essay, delegate your assignments to an academic writing service, and take some deserved rest. This is natural, and you have to let yourself do this to prevent burnout and excessive stress. And the best way to have quality rest is to throw a movie night.

Watching a couple of good movies alone or with friends at home can help you relax and unwind from your busy college life. Comedy seems to be the best option. According to studies, laughter lifts spirits and relieves anxiety and depression. So if you want to maintain your mental health in college and feel happier, let yourself relax and laugh at a good comedy, and here, we will give you a few great film options for your movie night!

1.    The Hangover

This 2009 comedy has already become an absolute classic. It tells a story of a group of friends who throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas that goes wrong and leads to a whole thread of adventures. This film is hilarious, with many twists and turns, and with an excellent cast. Besides, it covers the topics of partying and drinking, which are very common in students’ lives, so it’s both engaging to watch and gives some valuable life lessons. It’s a must-watch if you want to relax after a hard day and have plenty of fun.

2.    Scary Movie Series

If you are planning to throw an actual movie marathon with friends, the following recommendation is your best bet. The Scary Movie series is a hilarious collection of parody films that poke fun at popular scary movies and popular culture. There are a total of five films, with the first one released in 2000 and the last one released in 2013. Although the films are rather old, you will definitely enjoy watching them for a light-hearted and entertaining movie marathon. So delegate essay writing and other homework to professionals, invite your friends, and have plenty of laughs together at this rib-tickling series.

3.    Bridesmaids

If you are looking for a hysterically funny ladies’ comedy, this is it. Bridesmaids is another movie about a bachelorette party that goes wrong. This film has a star cast that features some of the greatest female comedians—Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and others. This is a perfect movie for a laid-back movie night with your friends to have a lot of fun and forget about your essays, academic papers, and other daily matters.

4.    Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

This is a 2016 comedy that might not be as widely known as other films on our list. But it’s genuinely rib-tickling. So if you haven’t seen it before, drop all your academic tasks now and watch it ASAP. This film is made in the style of a documentary and makes fun of modern showbusiness and pop stars with their egos. It features the popular comedian music band The Lonely Island, as well as many other celebrities, and it will make you laugh to cry.

5.    21 Jump Street

The last one on the list is a 2012 comedy starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The film tells us about two undercover cops who must integrate into school to find a distributor of a new drug. As they complete their task, the characters face a variety of fun challenges. This movie is super fun. And if you like it, turn to the best essay editing services to save even more time, and be sure to watch 22 Jump Street too!

The Bottom Line

Laughter has long been proven to improve people’s mental health and promote relaxation. Thus, when you feel like you need to take a pause and relax from your intense college curriculum, there is no better way to do this than to throw a comedy movie night. So grab popcorn and pick one of the movies from this list to have a great, relaxing evening with many laughs.



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