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“Mr. Free Speech” Becomes the World’s First Billionaire Loser

Elon Musk bought the social media and micro-blogging website Twitter to make it a perfect free speech platform, but he seems to be no longer in control

Bradley - Sun, 11 Feb 2024 10:14:25 +0000 968 Views
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Imagine having billions of dollars and soft power over the economy of a country and then you decide to buy a social media platform at an overpriced rate just because you want to control the narrative. All this is in the name of free speech.

Tesla Owner and billionaire Elon Musk not only paid a price that was seemingly 10 times more than the actual value but also changed its name from something unique to very ordinary which also confuses many users. But after investing 44 billion dollars, one might think that now he would control the narrative in the disguise of free speech. But now it is evident that Mr. Free Speech has become the world's first loser who also happens to be a billionaire.

When Musk first acquired Twitter, he claimed that it would be a platform with complete freedom of speech. In the beginning, it seemed to be going in that direction, but as soon as giant companies like Apple and Disney started pulling out their ads from the platform accusing them of being racist, Musk started shaking and turns out that he cared much about the money than his morals.

However, after significant support from the users on the platform, he thought he could go without this ad money. But as soon as the Zionists who currently control the US government accused him of being antisemitic, he completely surrendered to Israel and Zionism.

Although I believe that Musk himself is not a Zionist, yet, as before he surrendered to them he talked about the resistance in Palestine and how every Palestinian killed creates more resistance fighters. I truly believe that was real Elon Musk, a man with powerful and impactful thoughts. Now, either Musk has sold his moral values or he has surrendered to the dark side. Since he is a billionaire, I believe the latter one is true.

There were already murmurs that X is now shadow-banning the accounts that are anti-Israel or pro-Palestine. However, Musk was still hiding behind the disguise of free speech. But the recent events have proved that Musk has completely surrendered to the Zionists and no longer controls his own platform for which he paid $44 billion. Imagine paying such a big amount and still pushing a genocidal narrative, that you don't even believe in. If that's not making you a big loser then you were always a clown, not a genius. 

Below is an example, of why I think Musk is a loser who has no control over his own platform and free speech is now just a delusion. X instantly suspended an account with a yellow tick only because a Zionist account that doxes people demanded it by tagging Elon Musk. The immediate response and the suspension of the account are big enough to prove that Musk is now just a puppet in the hands of the Zionists, who should be happy to control one of the world's richest men.




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