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Netflix ‘Blood & Water’ Season 4 Review - Overstretched and Overdramatic

In Season 4, Puleng and Fiks attempt to move on during their senior year, but the past puts them against each other when they realize that they are still being hunted.

Riya Singh - Sat, 02 Mar 2024 18:56:38 +0000 1098 Views
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The series starts with a mystery that keeps our heads spinning until the end. In this season, no one is a close friend as they’re all saving themselves up at the cost of other’s lives or even reputations. The ending of Season 3 hinted towards an anonymous entity entering these high schoolers' lives. We don’t know who he is, but it's for sure that he will make their lives hell. Now the question of motive arises which also gets cleared by the end of this season.

There’s only one thing that the audience will wish after completing season 4 of Blood & Water: no more seasons getting made. You can not keep on stretching your initial plot to make further seasons as they tend to lose their charm. Though I won’t say that such a thing happened here everyone wishes to watch something new from time to time it's time for Blood & Water to put a full stop.

Season 4 just like the previous one relies heavily on teen drama. The human trafficking ring is taken down by the law of court and Matla and Lisbeth are sentenced to jail. Puleng with some of her friends can be seen suffering from trauma. Sam is also majorly disturbed and he gets flashbacks from time to time. The number of times his flashbacks are shown is irritating at one point.

Things aren’t easy for Puleng in the fourth season as someone has found a growing attachment to her which is manifested by her stalking. All her moves are being monitored and the extent to which it goes is the recording of her sex tape.

Puleng suspects that the human trafficking ring must be behind it, but Lisbeth and Matla are still in prison, so the possibility of this happening is next to zero. Upon further investigating the person who might be behind this, many faces are revealed.

Season 4 of Blood & Water is good if you watch it as a standalone however those expecting it to be a good continuation must skip those feelings. Out of the total six episodes, only three are worth your watch. You can guess the plot easily by watching the initial 1.5 episodes and the finale’s half too. Though the story has a good plot still, it is time for the writers to put their pens down and let the audience move on from this show.

Some new characters are also added which had next to no significance. Many budding romances are shown along with some relationships crumbling down. I didn’t like the actor has played the role of the detective for two main reasons. The first one being her body language didn’t seem to fit that role and secondly, the writers also didn’t seem to provide justice to the characters. Her lines were too weak, for example, in the scene in which the IP address of the anonymous person had to be traced, she was saying as if she is a common person and not in the Police Force.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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