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Netflix ‘DI4RIES’ Season 2 Review - Returns With a More Intense Story

In Season 2, a new school year has begun, and the friends have been assigned to a new 3D class. Can they stay together when their sentiments and relationships are put to the test?

Riya Singh - Tue, 10 Oct 2023 20:05:06 +0100 2356 Views
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At the end of the first season, we saw that our characters were transferred from Mariana Picola to Mariana Grande. The previous school, The Galileo School of Marina Piccola, was shut down due to a lack of resources and low student intake.

The second season is about Pietro, Livia, Giulio, Arianna, Isabel, Monica, Daniele, Mirko, and Bianca i.e., the whole group, and how they adjust to their new school. The transformation has been equally hard on everyone. The kids of Marina Grande didn’t welcome them with open arms rather, they were made to feel sidelined. Be it Katia and Sara or the Xmob group, in those little acts, we could see what impression they had of Pietro’s group. The friendship these kids have has slowly turned into their family.

There’s a scene in the beginning where Pietro suggests the idea of their group staying together by applying for the same high school. At that moment, they were sitting by a bonfire and made ‘The Pact of Bonfire’. This promise was a good one but huge to fulfill. How can everyone go to the same high school when they have different fields of interest?

I sometimes ended up hating Pietro because the boy is so confused about his life yet considers himself entitled to make decisions for the whole group. When Giulio confesses that he wants to study computer science, Peitro throws the whole group out of his home. A boy who doesn’t have a clue about his personal life tries to make decisions for others, if this isn’t immaturity, then what is?

Coming to Pietro and Livia’s love story, it is pretty much dead because the efforts stopped coming in from both sides. After Livia learned about the bet, she decided to distance herself from Pietro and that didn’t go well for her because she started to blend in with the wrong company. Pietro looks interested in Isa now, but she too is in a relationship with Roby.

I wanted to see more of Livia because it was just her episode (the second one) that didn’t feel complete. The girl has a lot to figure out because the wrong company tends to corrupt one’s conscience.

The best episode is Arianna’s, the reason behind it is how beautifully the dark topic of bullying was included. The makers decided to go slow with this and every stage was covered starting from anonymous trolling to physical abuse.

Coming over to the bullies, Katia and Sara, in my opinion, it was their lack of self-confidence that made them target innocent girls like Arianna. The words they used for her body hurt Arianna so much that she even downloaded running apps and had self-doubt. Katia’s parents were going through a divorce, so she felt neglected. However, this isn’t an excuse for bullying other kids.

Arianna is blessed to have such a wonderful friend circle who supported her in her time of crisis. She didn’t need to tell them what she was going through and it was nice how they picked up on little changes in her behavior and came as a strong support system. Although Pietro seems bossy at times, his leading the front at that time was amazing to watch.

Di4ries Season 2 is better than its first season, and as the group is going to go to high schools, it would be worthwhile to see how their friendship adjusts to changing times and scenarios. The cast of Di4ries just like the previous season has done a good job. I’m excited for the second part of Season 2 because many things will be made clear like with whom Pietro will share a romantic relationship, also if Arianna will reveal the names of the bullies.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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