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Netflix ‘Eva Lasting’ Season 2 Review - Working Its Charm Like Magic

Eva’s homecoming ignites a fresh round of school discussions, profound conversations, dating crises, lovely moments of friendship, and boundless hope for Camilo.

Riya Singh - Wed, 10 Jul 2024 19:06:29 +0100 414 Views
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Eva Lasting, the Spanish series is back with its second season. As you would remember, the first season ended with Camila and Eva flying away to a remote location to save Eva from being sent to the US. The situation didn't turn out to be a bed of roses, all thanks to their attempted armed robbery. Soon the Police found out their location and the couple turned to their friends from school for help. They helped them by giving Eva a place to live until she was taken by the Police and back to her father's custody. She went to the US and it's at the beginning of the second season that we realize how that never happened, all thanks to her father getting house arrest so she can stay in town.

Ever since (though it was just fifteen days) Camilo heard that she was gone, he was in another world. He got involved with Luisa and now she's pregnant. When Eva came to his doorstep and they instantly kissed, he knew that he'd lost his chance with this beautiful girl. However, this was just the beginning of the events that were going to unfold. Camilo, Eva, and Luisa were together in this situation and assured Luisa that they'd be with her no matter what came. The story being set in the ‘70s, this wasn't an easy thing to do. When the news about her pregnancy broke, everything turned into chaos.

It pained me to see how Luisa’s mother thought that her child wasn't worthy of respect or a shot for her future. This is how the world worked back then and not many people were willing to give equal chances to women. Eva has always been a breath of fresh air and though her ideology didn't align with how the people worked back then, she was a feminist. Telling the story with a mix of historical events has always been the style of Eva Lasting and the audience would agree that they've nailed this unique idea. It's difficult mixing facts with drama and the writers have done that beautifully here.

The previous season of the show had thirteen episodes while this one only has ten and at the point at which the series ended, it wouldn't be wrong to believe that maybe it's the end of the show. Jose and Ana separated however, the hope of them to reconcile wasn't left off the table. I'm impressed and delighted with how the actors beautifully portrayed their roles. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what Eva was saying, which might be due to translation, but her point of view always left me wondering how bold she is and the confidence she carries to go against the community is commendable.

Eva had a habit of always referring to certain lines from a book recommending books that suit the situation or even bringing people to hear her through what others have already written. This act of her's told the readers how extremely important it is to be well-read and how one shouldn't follow rules just because they've been written. People should be open to new ideas and opportunities.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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