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Netflix ‘Young Royals’ Season 2 Review - It Ends With Us

The second season of ‘Young Royals’ follows prince Wilhelm, who is struggling to embrace his newfound royal duties as he fears his Crown Prince title would cost him everything he cares about

Riya Singh - Wed, 02 Nov 2022 04:11:05 +0000 4776 Views
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Students of Hillerska Boarding School get back from their Christmas break. Wilhelm isn’t normal after the whole “it's not me in the video” thing. He also didn't talk to his mother much, her being the one who made him deny his love. After finding out that August was responsible for filming the videotape, Wille knew that he will make him pay.

Marcus is Sara’s friend and he comes to leave her home one day. He notices Simon singing in the other room and finds his voice impressive. Marcus invites Simon to a karaoke night with him and that’s where the viewers can guess a potential romance plot stirring up. As Sara gets accepted into the Manor House, she also has the initiation and for the same to be successful, she needs to get noticed at the third year’s party. She put the flag on fire, and Simon came looking for her. At the same party, Simon and Wille meet after the vacation. An instant spark can be seen between the two, but Simon can not forget that Wille had left him alone in the moment of chaos. Watching Marcus and Simon getting close, Wilhelm feels jealous.

Sara is the troublemaker of the second season. She has successfully replaced August playing the villain. Feeling attracted to him and doing reprehensible things has become Sara. The girl was a mischief from the first season and in this one, her character is fully explored. August is seen living in a deep hole. His days and nights are filled with humiliation as Wilhelm doesn’t leave any moment where he can’t challenge August’s powers. At some point, the audience will also feel bad for the boy. He deserved all of this and that can’t be denied. He surely became the target of the Crown Prince and in his heart, he knew that his days are shortlived. August finds his peace in Sara, and the outcome of this pairing can be guessed. 

How difficult it is being a prince was already shown in Young Royals season 1. So, what is extraordinary in this season? The fact that they try to be themselves apart from the title allotted is a great thing that the season included. While Wilhelm was under the pressure of being a Prince and then the Crown Prince after his brother’s death, he realized the importance of love. 

The drastic change one can see in the characters this season is highly plausible. The writers made everything right that was not supposed to happen in the first season. The flawed individuals get punished and the good ones finally muster up the courage to speak. The vicious cycle of lies ends this season.

In the first season, the kids are seen to be in their first year, the second season is about being in the second year. This means that the fans might also be getting a third season. As I have said previously as well, watching series with fewer episodes is always an advantage. With just six episodes and the average duration of each episode being 45 minutes, this series gives the perfect dose of teenage drama and lessons. In my opinion, the second season is better than the first season and the fans won’t be left disappointed. 

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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