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Old and New Gambling Movies to Watch in 2022

Gambling has been the topic of several movies through the ages, and there will undoubtedly be more to come, but why is the gambling scene such a great backdrop for drama? Here are some old and new movies about gambling you should watch in 2022.

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Have you ever gambled? Do you remember what it felt like when you won for the first time, or when you lost? Were you nervous or excited? Gambling is a thrilling experience, and it is, therefore, no wonder film after film has tried to replicate the tension of gambling on screen. There are plenty of movies depicting the world of gambling in different ways.

The author and the gambling debt

Based on the life of the author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and the book by the same name, The Gambler follows Dostoyevsky as he attempts to write a novel in 27 days to pay off his gambling debt, during which he writes his masterpiece, The Gambler, in 1866. This 1997 film is a great look into the mind of a gambler and the gambling world of the 1800s, exploring the line between genius and risk-taking.

The career shifts

Molly’s Game is a 2017 biographical crime drama featuring Jessica Chastain as the former champion skier, Molly Bloom, who, after an accident, shifts her career and starts running an illegal underground poker empire for celebrities, athletes, and the Russian mob. This film is sure to entertain you, inviting you into the glamour and the dirt of illegal gambling. You can read more on Molly’s Game at https://www.vulture.com/article/best-gambling-movies-poker.html and find other movies featuring the world of gambling.


The old classic

If you love poker, you should watch the classic movie, The Cincinnati Kid, from 1965. In this drama, Eric Stoner, or “The kid” wants to establish his reputation as the best poker player by challenging Lancey Howard, an older player who is currently considered to be the best. Of course, the two meet in a final thrilling poker match. When watching this movie, you may want to know more about poker. Visit https://www.usonlinecasino.com to find the best online casinos in the US and try a poker game yourself. 

The clever one

The newest movie in the bunch is the 2021 crime drama The Card Counter in which William Tell, played by Oscar Isaac, has taught himself how to count cards. He goes from casino to casino playing one game of blackjack after the other. But William's life is soon interrupted by ghosts of the past. This movie is an entertaining and thrilling view of the world of casinos.

Higher stakes, higher tension

So, why is gambling a great topic for a movie? Drama is all about conflict, and what better way to create conflict than to raise the stakes? Gambling is a sure way to create tension in a film, putting characters in a position of either winning everything or losing it all. Find more movies at Midgard Times and read news and reviews about upcoming films.



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