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Online Casino-Themed Video Games and Gamified Gambling

RNG or luck-based rewards are very common in video games. Find out how designers use casino features to make video games more interesting and how they gamify casino games.

Stuart Jones - Thu, 25 May 2023 06:18:33 +0100 1616 Views
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Anyone who plays modern slots in online casinos has noticed that the aesthetics in the new games are more cartoony. The same is true for the web design of an online casino. The animations often resemble video game characters, and even the cover image for slots tries to mimic a video game cover.

Many gambling operators want to create a platform that will be appealing to both older and younger generations. This is why modern culture IPs are often used as a theme for casino games. You can look at the logos and brands of the best online casinos in the Netherlands that are available on this site website nederlandscasinos.net/en/ and it’s safe to say you’ll notice a trend. In addition to features like bonuses and modern payment methods, casinos want to evoke a sense of familiarity or nostalgia. They do this through gamification, and we will explore this concept in greater detail.

Old Video Games New Slots

The current generation of gamblers grew up playing arcades and fighting games. One of the most iconic titles is called Street Fighter. Believe it or not, one of the most highly praised slots by NetEnt is Street Fighter. NetEnt is a recognizable brand in iGaming, and if you visit site onlinecasinosnl.com you will see that most if not all, operators use NetEnt’s software. Using IPs like Street Fighter is a good way to attract millennials and Gen X players because a lot of their happy childhood memories are associated with this game.

It’s worth pointing out that slapping a popular theme across the slot is bare-bones of gamification. To go a step further, developers have altered the way how rewards and bonuses are received. There are slots that have their own mini-games as bonus rounds which is a nice change of pace. You can even try to get to these mini-game rounds by relying on promotions that offer free spins. All you need to do is check here and you’ll Dutch and Belgium online casinos that have generous promos. You can look up slot reviews and see which ones have mini-games.

Casino Video Games

Many have never experienced what it’s like to play at a casino, and they want to try it but just feel anxious. Today this isn’t an issue. You can easily play from home on any reputable site that is on onlinecasinosDK list, but it’s still not the same as the real gambling parlor. Luckily, there are online video games that emulate this experience. You still get to choose an Avatar that represents you, and you get to interact with other people’s avatars who are playing online.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots is one of the best examples of casino games that you can play online. It’s free, and it has every game you can find in an actual big casino. Gambling is more than just playing, though, it’s a demonstration of the exciting and luxurious lifestyle that many video games want to capture. This is why you have big casinos in titles like GTA V and GTA Online.

Even if the game has nothing to do with gambling, some of the design decisions are heavily inspired by RNG. The unpredictability and low drop rates for in-game rewards make the experience more exciting. A player who gets a random reward for completing an activity is going to be thrilled if that reward has a rare chance to drop. Similar to hitting the jackpot.

Video Games Turned to Casino Content

Although these aren’t still available online, there are video games that were adapted by casinos to allow players to gamble. One of the most famous examples is Pac-Man battle royale, where more players compete who will be the last Pac-Man standing. Of course, each participant bets money on the match and the winner takes all.

Slot machine or arcade developers have tried to gamify gambling for a long time. They tried to turn first-person shooters into an exciting experience, but it just didn’t hit the mark, pun intended. So, they did the next best thing. They turned actual popular and competitive games into gambling. Basically, an arcade machine where you and your opponent bet on who will win in your PVP match. The Pac-Man title uses that same approach, but it allows for more than two people to compete simultaneously.



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