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`Outer Banks` Review: Goonies characters in Riverdale, A Perfect show in these times

Outer Banks is built to move. From its opening scene, which finds a group of friends crashing a construction site, there`s something always pushing this new Netflix teen drama forward.

KnightKing - Tue, 28 Apr 2020 19:09:20 +0100 2771 Views
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Release Date: 15 April 2020
Platform: Netflix
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Creators: Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate
Stars: Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss
Outer Banks is a coming of age story that follows a tight-knit group of local teens (aka the Pogues) in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When a hurricane kills the power for the summer season, it sets off a chain of illicit events that force the friends to make life-altering decisions. The search for their ringleader’s missing father, forbidden romances, a high-stakes treasure hunt, and the escalating conflict between the Pogues and their rivals turn their summer into one filled with mystery and adventure they’ll never forget.



Outer Banks was released on Netflix and within a day the show was already trending number 3 and seemed very popular. Outer Banks is a combination of mystery and romance and I think you can say it is a mix of Riverdale and Goonies together.


The series is about a group of teenagers nicknamed “pogues” that live in the outer banks of North Carolina. In the show, the dad of the main character, John B, died in a storm at sea. John B will try to find out what happened to his dad together with his three best friends. The show has a lot of mystery that makes you want to watch the series all at ones.


“Outer Banks” is built to move. From its opening scene, which finds a group of friends crashing a construction site, there’s something always pushing this new Netflix teen drama forward.


It’s both surprising and heartening to see that in the thrust of this 10-episode season, some of the show’s best stretches are spent just hanging out with the Pogues as they drift somewhere offshore of The Cut, the stretch of islands off the North Carolina coast separate from its more economically advantaged neighbors. The main group at the center of “Outer Banks” is led by John B (Chase Stokes), The other is JJ (Rudy Pankow), the guy with a hot temper, bookish Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Kiara (Madison Bailey) who rounds out the group.


As a unit, the Pogues are a familiar mix of platitudes (“We never leave a Pogue behind!”) and crushes and anxieties about what the future might bring. It’s a recognizable recipe, but there’s some genuinely easy chemistry in this group, especially when they leave all those pressures behind and revel in the fact that they’re in high school and have impeccable hair.


“Outer Banks” isn’t blind to the fact that there are individual problems underneath their carefree attitude. John B is wrestling with the absence of his parents, while Pope feels the pull of his growing pre-college obligations. JJ’s struggles with an abusive father start to bubble up in his friendships, and Kiara is more in her element taking charge of the group than dressing up for the social events of the country club set.


Above all the teen drama, the series’ biggest hook is John B’s father, who goes missing while pursuing a search for the remains of a centuries-old shipwreck. When a key piece of evidence makes its way back to the Pogues, they quickly find themselves in the middle of everything that puts each one of them in harm’s way.


The treasure they’re looking for in such a massive combination of wealth and coastal myths that the rest of the show feels the need to escalate to live up to the flash at the end of the search. In trying to set up real danger for John B and the rest of the crew, some sequences find them running from enforcers, police officers, and bullets fired from the guns of very different kinds of enemies.


"Outer Banks” is sustained by the idea that it indulges each change in venue. Rather than paint the show as an easy visual contrast between two neighborhoods divided by class, it approaches each of its locations with an open ambit.
“Outer Banks” has its sweet spot and there’s enough fun — ridiculous and otherwise — to keep a story-hungry audience following along the trail.


They showed the story in a good way and chose the perfect actors for each person. The fact that the show has a lot of mystery kept me interested, so the show was released at the perfect time. Right now the series only has one season but another season has already been confirmed and if everything goes well as planned we might see some more adventure and treasure hunt in the next season, but I guess we have to wait a bit longer for it.


Final Score: [8.5/10]


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