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‘Panchayat’ Season 3 Review - Disappointed with Sudden Shift to Violence

In Season 3, As the Panchayat elections approach, the Pradhan and Bhushan gangs wage a heated fight to improve their public image. Abhishek strives to remain objective while navigating the shady waters of Phulera politics.

Riya Singh - Tue, 28 May 2024 20:01:44 +0100 519 Views
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The best episode and moment this season was when an old lady pretended to be thrown out of the home by her son. She tried to persuade the village council to give her a pakka home under a scheme run by the government. The scenes surrounding this scenario make you laugh. The same goes for when a new secretary came to replace Abhishek. The way he's treated is hilarious. No one was there to open the office and neither was he given the chance to give his joining letter. You see Prahlad threatening him indirectly and this season's best character award also goes to him.

Prahlad has shined better than we could imagine. When the second season left us with teary eyes, and the third started with back-to-back funny scenes it became difficult to make a decision about the direction in which the show will go. The initial three episodes were good and the other five got entangled in politics. We can't complain about that as after all the show is named Panchayat.

Although the audience will enjoy the initial funny tone of this season, things start getting intensified at the end. Not knowing what the next season holds for us, one thing is clear and that is that there'll be a lot of blood baths. From a show like Panchayat, such violence wasn't expected. We were up for small village fights like that for the position of village chief but now things have gone very far.

The MLA of that region has lost his ability to think. Instead of working for the people who fall under his constituency, he's busy with unimportant things. There's a video made by Bahadur of village Phulera that went viral (all for the right reasons), and the consequences of it had to be endured by the whole village. Many fight scenes have been included which appeared better than the unrealistic ones usually included.

Panchayat Season 3 is best in terms of character growth. In the beginning, Manju Devi was reluctant to get involved in politics and liked to do home chores. In this part, she's been a part of every major decision. Just like her character, Rinki’s character took her time setting up the foundation stone of the budding romance between her and Abhishek.

Our sachiv ji, Abhishek is seen preparing for CAT from the first season. The same goes for the talks about Rinki and Abhishek’s marriage. Hints about the same have been given but the audience is yet to witness victory in any one of these.

As an audience, I liked how the series liked to have multiple topics covered. Keeping in mind the potential plots the fourth will cover, it's likely to disappoint the audience. I didn't like the drastic transition the show had this season and hope that they'll keep the essence of Panchayat preserved.

Final Score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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